10 Beautiful Menu Designs from Around the World

Menus become an integral part of a restaurant, whether you are a fine-dine restaurant owner or someone who is just opening up and positioning his brand image. It not only represents your offering but also leaves an impact on the way your customer perceives you. A well-designed menu can not only become a part of your restaurant’s marketing strategy but also a part of your customer experience.

It is always inspiring to see what others are doing in your industry. So here are 10 restaurant menu designs which would make you want to redesign your menu right now.

The Pelican, Singapore

Beautiful menu designs from across the globe, The Pelican, Singapore

The restaurant, famous for its seafood and western cuisine, represents a nautical theme with decorative objects such as deep sea diver helmets. The menu distinctly brings out the restaurant’s theme, as also explained by Foreign Policy, a Singapore based designer of the menu – “The graphic of mixing human characters interacting with sea-inspired animals is inspired by the dual functions of the Pelican restaurant & bar. As the evening progresses, The Pelican transforms from a dining space to a groovy bar to club and wine deep into the night.


Hiding In Plain Sight, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Creative design ideas of restaurant menus , Hiding In Plain Sight, Amsterdam, The Netherlands


With the theme of roaring twenties, crystal glasses and beautiful chandelier, this restaurant invokes the theme of mystery and literature with a leather bound book shaped menu. The illustrations and titles in the menu makes it stand out, calling for people to take a dive into the delicacies of this restaurant.


L’Encant, Spain

Innovative and out of the box menu designs from the world , L'Encant, Spain


Designed by a Spanish design agency Nuria Vila, the menu of L’Encant reinforces the restaurant’s zeal to serve a blend of Japanese and Catalan culture, paying a homage to Japanese folding fans. The menu is printed on the environment-friendly stone paper pasted inside the wooden cover.


Ruckuses, Milwaukee, United States

Menu design ideas, creative and beautiful. Ruckuses, Milwaukee, United States


 Elle Benway, the designer of the menu for The Ruckuses, designed a fun-to-play menu for the restaurant which looks like a school pop-up book just for adults with beers and burgers. The title of the dishes and drinks in the menu sets the branding of this restaurant.


Discover Your Way, Patras, Greece

Design menu ideas from across the globe, Discover Your Way, Patras, Greece


This restaurant is a cafe inside a bookstore which lets people make their choices between a book, a coffee or both. The menu is a combination of illustrations and photos of food with a chalkboard look. The restaurant has also added its social media link in the menu which gives it an advantage of a larger audience online.


13 Wives, Singapore

Beautiful design ideas and some really creative and innovative, 13 Wives, Singapore


The menu of this bar, which is an ironic spot for a midnight tryst, is a hand assembled one designed by Foreign Policy, Singapore, with each drink in the menu inspired by a fictional story of 13 wives.


Noble Experiment, San Diego, United States

Noble Experiment, San Diego, United States. beautiful menu design

Depicting well it’s restaurant’s name, the menu of Noble Experiment is something to take inspiration from. With its letterpressed, foil stamped and embossed letters on a high-quality paper, the menu speaks to the intricacies of a fine drink.


Eleven Madison Park, New York

Eleven Madison Park, New York out of the box menu design ideas


After looking at the above menus, if you are thinking that illustrations can make your menu look attractive then you probably haven’t seen the menu at Eleven Madison Park, New York.
With a minimalistic design, the menu of this restaurant is just 28-words long featuring 16 principal food ingredients for customers to choose from.


Maison O, New York, United States

Maison O, New York, United States creative restaurants


Maison O’s menu can make you believe in how limited colors can do wonders. The menu of this Japanese restaurant is brilliantly designed using just three colours – white, orange and black.


Mr. Brown, San Jerónimo, Mexico

Mr. Brown, San Jerónimo, Mexico


The menu of Mr. Brown is not just a menu as it becomes a part of the restaurant’s decor which can be hung right on the table for the customer. The menu is visual with pictures of what the restaurant serves making it look attractive.

Riya Jain

Riya Jain

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