10 Netflix Shows And Movies Every Restaurant Professional Should Watch Right Now

Gone are the days when you had to wait for days (or even months) to watch your favorite movie if you missed going to the theatres. Or, the days when you would have to spend hours in order to Torrent your favorite TV shows. Today, there is no dearth of content. You can browse and watch everything that was on your list of “Things to watch this Summer”. It’s easily accessible on platforms like Netflix.

According to an article by Forbes, Netflix spent more than $10 billion developing content over a course of 12 months! Its success has been phenomenal, globally. And everyone has been hit by this new trend of streaming shows that they resonate the most with, without any bias. 

If you’re a restaurateur who is wondering what to watch on Netflix, we have curated a list for you. From documentaries to comedies to palatable dramas, we have it all. 

1. Chef’s Table 

A brilliant documentary of six volumes, Chef’s table is a skillfully cooked series that features thirty chefs from around the globe. Each episode beautifully shows their (sometimes) farfetched journeys of becoming successful chefs and restaurateurs. Hailing from different parts of the world, these award-winning stars share the common affinity towards gastronomy. 

Gaggan Anand, Dominique Crenn, Alex Atala, Asma Khan are few of the many revolutionists of the food industry shown here. The documentary talks about the incredible adventures they’ve experienced and the relentless contributions they’ve made in preserving their respective indigenous food cultures.


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2. The Mind Of A Chef

Produced and narrated by one of the most celebrated chefs, late Anthony Bourdain, this show delves into the minds of international celebrity chefs. 3-4 episodes in each of the five seasons are dedicated to one chef where they travel and explore the various veins of the gastronomic body. This series is also for all those who couldn’t catch Bourdain’s Parts Unknown while it was on Netflix.  

3. Sugar Rush Christmas

A gripping Netflix Original, this series is a baking competition between four teams where each time has two members. The bakers are supposed to prepare sugary delights over a course of three rounds and each dish will be judged by a guest host for that episode. Given that Christmas is just around the corner, we thought this might prove to be beneficial for all those bakeries who want to try and sell something different this winter season.


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4. Eat Pray Love 

A slight shift from the flow of this article’s scope, this movie adaptation of Elizabeth Gilbert’s memoir of the same name, is soulfully very engaging. Whilst Eat Pray Love showcases those of regions of feminine experience that were earlier inadmissible, “I’m having a relationship with my pizza” instantly became relatable to all. What may seem like different segments of the movie, the three monosyllables are interconnected. After watching this masterpiece, one is sure to fall in love with Italian, Indian and Balinese delicacies. 

5. Street Food

Be it soy-marinated crabs from South Korea or the spicy chaats from the streets of Delhi, street food has gained humongous popularity in the last couple of years. Watch how the new culture has existed in countries like Vietnam, Thailand, Japan and more.  


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6. Sustainable 

As the name suggests, this documentary carefully analyses the connect between food, mankind, and nature. It elaborates on how the environment is affected eventually. This light production highlights diligent farmers and other people involved in the sustainable food movement. This is applicable to all restaurateurs since it educates people on the history that led to this movement.

7. Ugly Delicious

Going against the first word of this series, Momofuku’s famous chef David Chang travels across the globe and unravels the most unusual combination of food. On this hunt, he meets foodies, writers, and other chefs who talk about the myths and common misconceptions when it comes to food. If you’re someone who loves to experiment and is looking for some kind of inspiration when it comes to creating fusion dishes at your restaurant, this show is meant for you!


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8. Midnight Diner: Tokyo Stories

This is an adaptation of a best-selling and award-winning Manga, “Midnight Diner”, this short series has ten independent stories that are connected by a restaurant owner who goes by the name of, “Master”. He cooks any dish that his customers ask for as long as they bring their own ingredients. Each story shows how different people come into a 12 seater restaurant and order dishes. Each episode is named after a dish. Pretty relatable for those chefs and restaurateurs who closely interact with/observe each diner who enters their restaurant. Maybe you could create a series of your own. Marketing hack? Definitely. 

9. Rotten

A real “eye-opener” as many like to call it, Rotten exposes and discusses the underlying fraud that exists in the food business. It rightfully talks about the shady tactics used by many to cover illegal activities when it comes to food production and the sources. This show talks about how people are coming up with unlawful methods in order to meet growing demands. 


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10. Cooked 

A rather compelling documentary, Cooked is based on a novel, “Cooked: A Natural History of Transformation” by food writer – Michael Pollan. Each episode focuses on one of the four major elements that constitute nature and how they have helped shape the art of cooking. 

Turning off the knob

There are many other Restaurant TV shows, movies, and documentaries that you can watch and get inspired by. Julie & Julia, Cooking on High (inserts a 420 reference), Sugar Rush and many more. We hope that this list has helped you chalk out the hour-long tedious process of choosing what to watch. 

Happy (binge) watching!

Devyani Singh

Devyani Singh

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