7 Tips For Increasing Your Restaurant Revenue From The ‘Internet’

If you’re running a restaurant today, you’re probably listed on all major discovery platforms, online food ordering websites & have a running social media presence. Your restaurant’s online presence plays a significant role in contributing to the overall revenue & awareness of your brand. But how can you tap your potential customers better?

Here are some tips on how you can leverage your online presence to grow your restaurant’s revenue:


1) Showcase your brand with a beautiful website

Your brand’s website is like the virtual door to your restaurant. With information available at the fingertips, customers today like to do some research before dining or ordering in. You can use your website to entice your customers with high-resolution pictures of your restaurant & food items and let them see your entire menu & prices in advance.

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2) Turn website visitors into customers

Building a website for your restaurant will help you get visitors but it’s important for you to convert them into customers. You can do this by letting them order food or reserve a table directly from the website.  You can add your entire menu, allow them to customize their order & give exclusive offers so that they become your customers right then.

See how Biryani Blues & Debonair’s Pizza are using their own online ordering platform to grow.


  3) Get discovered

Third-party aggregators & restaurant discovery platforms like yelp, zomato, foodpanda & swiggy are helping restaurants drive more revenue by reaching out to wider target audiences. Make sure your brand is visible on these platforms & ensure a good reputation by encouraging your customers to write reviews, replying to bad ratings and adding menu & restaurant pictures on your restaurant’s page.


 4) Own your space

A lot of times third party websites can cannibalize on your brand’s own searches with their highly optimized SEO & SEM strategy.

Search engine marketing for restaurant LimetrayFor instance, say, you’re a growing delivery brand with 5000 brand searches monthly. Now, if your website ranks #1 for the your brand’s own search & you’re running an SEM ad on top of it & you’ve a solid Google My Business page, you’d be able to redirect 40-50% of this traffic to your website. And with conversion rates ranging from 10-25% on your own website, you’d be able to generate 250-600 orders just from your own brand’s searches.

Although, third-party aggregators are great sources for restaurant discovery, they’re also home to all your competitors. And the least you’d want is to lose a customer who is already looking for you but ends up ordering from your competition. Hence, it’s essential to create your own space online where you’ve complete control on your brand.

Search listing restaurant limetray marketing


5) Google My Business Listing

GMB (Google My Business) allows you to manage your restaurant’s presence across Google Search & Google Maps. It is rapidly becoming a very important property for restaurant marketing as it appears at the top of the organic search & enables you to provide vital information like restaurant timings, directions, phone number, etc, right on the first page of Google. GMB also lists down all your Google reviews & helps you add important links like social media pages, restaurant pictures & website that further helps you drive organic traffic. And with Google’s latest update, you can even showcase the entire menu on Google My Business.


6) Leverage your social media presence

With the advent of ‘foodie culture’, social media has become the ultimate arena for celebrating food. For the same reason, having an active Facebook & Instagram presence helps you in engaging your audience & reaching out to people beyond your geographical presence. Sharing great pictures of your food & ambience, updating your fans about your latest event or new menu and encouraging users to share your content on social media will not only help you build a strong brand but also drive more revenue from new customers.

7) Advertising


Gone are the newspaper-insertion pamphlet-distribution days where the only targeting you could do was stick to your outlet’s neighborhood. With internet & smartphones being an integral part of our lifestyles, digital advertising helps you in targeting the right customer personas. Top channels that you can target to promote your restaurant are Search, Google Display Network, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, SMS & e-mails. Both on Google & Facebook, you can run hyperlocal ads for locations that your restaurants delivers to or is relevant for your brand. While Google & Facebook are great channels for acquiring new customers & building brand awareness, you can use restaurant CRM (e-mail & SMS) marketing to improve your customer retention.


When was the last time you placed an order on phone or browsed through physical menus lying at the top of your refrigerator? As a restaurant owner, you would have seen how the industry has evolved in the last decade. It isn’t just about a good location & good food anymore, it is also about the ‘instragrammable-ness’, good ratings & discoverability. And the dependency on all of these & the ‘internet’ will perpetually increase in the near future.

If you’re looking for any help in growing your online revenue & brand presence, feel free to consult us. We help 2500+ restaurants run better.