Aahar 2019: Things to Look-Out for at this International Food and Hospitality Fair

If you’re a restaurant owner, manager or equipment supplier, Aahar is one event you shouldn’t miss.

Why? In 2018 alone, Aahar attracted over 2.4 lakh visitors from the food & beverage industry. 2019 promises to be even bigger.

Quick Overview

Aahar 2019 will be the 34th edition of the annual food and hospitality fair held every year.

Date: March 12 – 16, 2019
Venue: India Trade Promotion Organisation
Pragati Bhawan, Pragati Maidan, New Delhi, Delhi 110001

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The event is hosted by ITPO and its associates namely the Ministry of Food Processing Industries, Agriculture and Processed Food Products Development. The co-associates include leading bodies as well, such as AIFPA, HOTERMAI, FSSAI.

Aahar will be hosted across a grand area of 24000 square meters, spanning 6 halls and 6 hangars. In Aahar 2018, roughly 900 companies and exhibitors participated and displayed a large range of products, machinery, technology, and kitchen accessories.

Coming back to what all to look out for at Aahar 2019:

1. Latest kitchen equipment on display

If you are on the lookout for equipment for your restaurant – you can check multiple vendors and suppliers under one roof.

The major categories of vendors displaying include:

  • General Equipment – Focuses on a range of products for your restaurant’s kitchen – from preparation to processing, packaging and more.
  • Food Products – Covers different food supplies and raw materials including products, beverages, ingredients, spices, and other additives.
  • Kitchen and Restaurant Decor Solutions – This category gives you access to the best decor solutions and also a preview of how other restaurants are going about their interior designing.

2. International vendors

Every year Aahar opens its doors to international suppliers from across the world. Restaurants get the benefit of accessing their favourite global brands in one place.

Aahar 2018 was a big success when it came to international participation. Some of the countries that saw sizeable representation were the US, China, Italy, Poland, Turkey, Spain, Oman, South Korea. This year as well various international brands are expected to be showcasing their products here.

3. Innovative restaurant technology

Restaurant technology is undergoing a rapid transformation. Be it everyday operations or strategic decision making, technology is an indispensable arm of your business. These are a few areas where tech can improve your experience:

  • Billing – You may want to keep an eye out for the latest in Cloud POS solutions.

  • Marketing – Automated CRM solutions to up your retention marketing game will be a popular choice.

  • Third-party integrations – Online ordering integrations to bring together all channels of online orders under one roof.

  • Websites and apps – Check out the trendiest technologies to build your own online food ordering system, host your websites, access easy digital website/app builders and more.

Tech training for employees

At Aahar, you can find the latest in everyday restaurant tech as well as innovative technologies like facial recognition and artificial intelligence.

4. Best offers from prospective vendors

You can hop from booth to booth, meet a large number of vendors and finalize the ones you need at your restaurant. Due to the very nature of the Aahar fair, there is a high degree of competition and vendors/suppliers have to keep a close eye on their competitor’s pricing to not lose out on customers. This ensures you get the best deal.

5. Networking opportunities in the F&B industry

Aahar attracts notable names from the entire restaurant and food sector. It is a place to network with fellow restaurant personnel – managers, owners, staff, doing exactly what you do. You can exchange notes with fellow restaurant owners and stay updated on all that they are doing at their restaurant.

You would also get to meet people from government agencies and get first-hand information about pertinent food sector developments (anything from GST compliance to FSSAI regulations and more).

6. A chance to identify market trends and do your research

Aahar is a great event for you to understand what direction the Food and Hospitality sector is headed in. Not just in the domestic market but its international relevance as well. You can walk around the booths, talk to the representatives/ consultants and get a better picture of the market.

  • Keep a checklist of your business problems/questions handy.

  • Walk across the booths and keep an eye out for all the new things you see, make note of them.

  • Check out the booths attracting more people, you may want to see what’s cooking there.

  • Make notes of the prices offered by vendors and arrange further meetings and appointments with the ones you like.

Come hang out with us at Aahar!

Be it suppliers, vendors, technology, or market intelligence – you’ll have various options to explore at Aahar. We’d love to see you around. Do come and say hi to your friends from LimeTray!

Limetray team at Aahar

12th-16th March 2019 at Pragati Maidan


Aditya Sarkar

Aditya Sarkar

Aditya Sarkar is a Marketing Manager at LimeTray. When he isn't being a Marketer, he likes solo-travelling, playing all kinds of sports and chilling out with friends! He's reachable at aditya.sarkar@limetray.com