Bakery Management System – A Complete Guide

Are those choco-chip cookie orders getting out of hand? And are you failing to get that batch of red velvet cupcakes delivered? Or are you simply losing track of how many Banoffee pies you are selling in a day? If you find yourself struggling with these questions, it may be time for you to get a bakery management system.

The bakery industry has seen immense growth lately. Whether you’re planning on opening a bakery or you already have one, there are certain things about the bakery management system that you must know. Besides, it’s more than just a piece of cake.

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Addressing roadblocks and myths

There’s a lot of competition in food businesses today.  One wrong ingredient and you can end up making a sugary mess. The most common myth revolving around shifting to technology is that it’s an expensive and exhausting exercise.

However, that’s not true if you know what technology to choose for your bakery. Once you have the right technology in place, you can manage your bakery like never before and increase sales overnight.  

What is a Bakery Management System?

Now that your bakery is up and running, let’s dig a little deeper into the Bakery Management System. Everything from order management to delivery is all taken care of by a Bakery Management System. Operations become more organized and less time-consuming.

POS systems today have features and functions that don’t necessarily require much manual work.   

What does a Bakery Management System consist of?

Let’s look at the different tools and software that constitute Bakery Management System.

1.  Cloud Point of Sale system

POS systems today have come a long way. It’s no more synonymous to the billing system anymore. There are various other functions associated with POS systems today. You can use mobile handheld POS systems in your bakery. Orders are generated instantly and automated KOTs are sent to the kitchen. Cloud POS systems work offline, give real-time updates and are highly secure. They are operational on mobile phones and tablets.

2. Order integration and management

Your bakery dashboard will show you all incoming orders, be it from your own website, through calls or via online third-party food aggregators and delivery apps. All orders can be regulated and managed in one place. You can access orders from anywhere without having to be physically present at your bakery.

Registering with Uber Eats, Swiggy and Zomato is not very complicated.   

3. Online Order platform

Having an online food ordering system for your bakery has its own perks. A major one being, zero commissions to third-party food aggregators. You’ll have your bakery’s own website and mobile App. This will give you room to showcase your brand better. There will be no restrictions or guidelines that you’ll be bound by. You can update and regulate your bakery’s menu as and when required with just a few clicks.

“Having our own delivery platform has helped reduce the cost that is spent on heavy discounts and charges on third-party aggregators.” – Rishabh Bhupal, Founder, Mad Batter

Online ordering in Bakery Management System
Give discounts and offers on your bakery’s website.
4. Customer Relationship Management

You collect your own customer data which can then be used for CRM programs. Text and email campaigns can be customized according to customer behavior. Customers can be classified into groups based on factors like frequency of orders, age and more. People will visit your bakery often if you have a strong CRM system.

Here’s how you can make the most of your CRM tool.

5. Loyalty Management

If customers swear by your bakery’s Blueberry Cheesecake, it’s only fair that you reward them with discounts and offers. Turn new customers in regular ones by sending across exciting loyalty programs.

A bakery in England awarded a loyal customer free loaves of bread and cakes for life. Yes, for real. The customer first visited the bakery when she was nine. And at 82, she still continues to buy loaves of bread and cakes from there.  

6. Sales and Accounting software

Finance and accounting software helps in regular tracking of your bakery’s sale and expenses. Stock purchase and inventory management become simplified. Better insight is gained on profitable and best-selling items, profits and much more.

7. Staff management

Staff management software helps keep a close check on employee activities and shifts. It has features like basic information, work schedule, payroll details, etc., of each employee working at your bakery. Managing shifts and allocating hours to different employees can be done by sitting in the vicinity of your home.

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Staff management as a feature of Bakery Management System
8. Bakery data reports

The bakery management system provides you with your bakery’s data. Daily sales, staff, accounting, customer, delivery reports and more can be run on your bakery’s POS system. Data comparison is another feature that will give you a better insight into your ways and methods. All information is on a single platform and can be accessed from anywhere. Next time you plan on introducing a new dessert, you’ll know exactly how to market it given the past reports.

What your bakery POS system does for you

To record the success and growth of your bakery, you need a Point of Sale system. One that simplifies operations on a great degree. Here are things your POS takes care of in your bakery.

  1. Cloud POS to reduce long queues
    Equipping a bakery with Cloud POS system can prove extremely beneficial for your establishment. The number of operations that can be handled using cPOS system is very high. Orders can be managed according to time and in turns. While the front-of-house employees can pack and wrap takeaways, back-of-house bakers can focus on getting that large order of cupcakes in place.
  1. Smart inventory and stock management
    Ever wondered how the ingredients for double chocolate doughnut got over so soon? That’s because your customers love it and will keep coming back for more. And honestly, no one likes to read “not available” written beside their favorite pick. Inventory and stock management software on your bakery’s POS system will help you manage all raw materials. It will notify you immediately when you run short of any ingredient. Inventory management helps you arrive at your food costs. Without it, your calculations are never accurate.

    “As a bakery owner, Inventory control and CRM tool are two things that are my top priorities in a bakery technology system.” – Vanita Malhotra, Founder, The Coco Company

  1. Smooth menu updates
    There’s a new trend in the bakery industry every week. And you NEED to stay in the loop. A bakery’s menu can be changed at all times. You can add, remove and update your menu anytime with a proper bakery POS system. This is possible because you can access cloud POS from anywhere since it’s all stored on the Cloud.
  2. Special cupcakes for your regulars
    Often you come across customers who might not like walnuts in their brownies. Others might not agree with dark chocolate mixed in their birthday cake. Your bakery POS understands “customization”. It must be able to make changes according to your customer’s preferences.
  3. Marketing and discounts
    Scale up your bakery’s business by marketing it to the right people at the right time. CRM tool on your Point Of Sale system is smart enough to classify customers into new, active, dormant, etc. And based on that selective campaigns can be sent. Give your active customers their favorite doughnut for free the next time they come to you!


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Things to consider while choosing a Bakery POS System

  • Your bakery POS system should be mobile. Unlike the legacy POS systems that restricted any movement inside the bakery. Your servers or you yourself should be able to move to each table explaining what makes that pie so crunchy. Not only this, while on vacation or meeting, you must be able to see what’s happening at your bakery in your absence.
  • Given the innumerable modes of payment today, your POS system should have all payment integrations so that customers can choose the one that suits them the best. Payment methods must not be limited to paying in cash, given the cashless society we live in at this stage.
  • Bakeries work on large orders. Your POS systems must have a pre-ordering system to facilitate mass orders. It can get very tedious for your kitchen staff to bake five different batches of cookies if the order is placed just hours before the event. Having a pre-order feature in hand will intimate your kitchen staff well in advance.

Bakery management system helps increase sales

Bakeries for the win!

Reports suggest that the global bakery market is valued at 66900 million US$ in 2018 and will reach 81500 million US$ by the end of 2025, growing at a CAGR of 2.5% during 2019-2025.

This further proves that there’s always room for dessert. It’s imperative that you’re well equipped with a Bakery Management System that does the majority of the work for you. In turn, giving you time to focus on other aspects of growing your business.

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