How to Boost Restaurant Sales Using Customer Data

Every sale is a potential recurring sale, provided we have enough touch points to a customer. Using those touch points to reach out to the customers in future while not being marked as spam is what this informative article is all about.

To boost sales and revenue, creating an engaging customer experience has been a top priority for every restaurant. It is after your customer starts engaging with your brand and gets to know about it, that he decides to visit you, which further reflects on your sales. Not only that, oftentimes, an engaging experience prompts the customer to visit you again.

But the struggle which you can face while trying to communicate with your audience is that of customer data. You might know who your customers are, but you might be failing at engaging them with your brand. So here, we have compiled a few tips to help you engage with your customers in order to boost your sales by making an effective use of the available customer data.

boost sales using cutomer data

1. A well-integrated POS system

The first and the foremost step for boosting your sales is building a qualitative customer persona.
You can do so with an integrated POS system which collects guests’ information and order history received from all the online orders.

So before thinking about engaging with your customer, plan on creating a qualitative customer list using data from all the platforms, you receive your orders from. Don’t forget your physical review forms and customer feedback books to take phone number and emails from.

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LimeTray’s POS system comes with a dedicated backend and generates reports based on your sales and customer data. It can even segment that data for you into segments like the number of new customers acquired, repeat customers etc.

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2. Centralised CRM solution

Apart from just having a POS system, you should consider opting for a CRM solution which masters customer database by segmenting it into active and inactive customers, delivery, dine-in, and third-party customers.

You can advance your steps by integrating CRM with your POS system to read your customer data and create a better understanding of the existing customers. Integrating CRM with POS will also help you better your knowledge of the customer behaviour based on what they prefer, what sells more and is profitable for you.


After proper segmentation of the data is done, you can use the CRM tool to send personalised campaigns to your customers. Personalised messages and emails prompt your customers to visit you often which significantly adds to your sales and revenue.

Studies state that more than 85% of mobile marketers report success with personalisation leading to higher engagement, revenue and conversions.

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So to start, begin by building campaigns, offering unique rewards and promotions to a particular segment of your customers. For example, send discount coupons to people who tend to order from you on your discount days or promoting combos to people who usually offer just one dish from it.


Now that you are ready with your campaigns, begin to automate the entire procedure to integrate ease with your working. Automating the process will help you engage with your customers without much labour as it will automatically engage with your customer.

Sending personalised birthday and anniversary SMS and emails is one of the ways to effectively use your customer data to boost sales.

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3. Upsell Food Items to your Customers

After knowing your customer behaviour inside out, and understanding what they like, start by upselling to boost your sales.

For example, there will be customers who ordered a burger from your outlet but no fries or coke. Suggest them to buy a combo by offering them discounts if they order fries and coke with a burger. Or you make a combo of appetizers & main course or create meal for 1/2 sets at discounted prices, encouraging customers to spend more on their order. You can do so by putting up suggestions exclusively for your customers on your online ordering platform or by sending them email or SMS campaigns regarding the same.


While all of these above steps can help you build a customer list letting you boost sales, you need to make sure that you are making use of the data in an effective manner to engage with the customer without appearing salesy.

Riya Jain

Riya Jain

Riya is a Literature graduate working as a content strategist. You can find her reading The Little Prince and listening to the Passenger and Seafret in her free time.