Cloud Kitchen Promotion: 7 Elements Towards Effective Marketing

With the paradigm shift in the restaurant industry due to the Covid—19 pandemic and the shape ofF&B businesses around the globe changing at an unprecedented pace, there is a constant need for innovation and upgradation in ways your cloud kitchen promotion is designed. From benefits offered to precautions taken, every piece of information is an important part of your communication strategy in order to get the best output from your cloud kitchen promotions.

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We have already established that it is a remarkable time to go ahead and venture into the cloud kitchen business, given high internet penetration and increased screen-time of prospective customers. We shall now look at what to consider while designing an effective cloud kitchen promotion plan towards increasing the frequency of orders and awareness in the market.

Here are 7 things you should have on your checklist:

Are you talking about the Safety and Hygiene precautions you’re taking?

Given the anxiety around the communicable nature of the virus, people are apprehensive of dining out and even ordering in. They want to reduce the contact they make with the external world to the bare minimum and expect the highest standards of safety and hygiene to be maintained when they
choose to get food delivered from your cloud kitchen. Follow all guidelines and make sure your customers know you’re a safe place to order from. Tell them about strict temperature checks that you’re following for your staff, frequent disinfection of workspace, compulsion around wearing a mask and gloves at all times and contactless delivery services.

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How good are your website and app’s UI/UX?

Given that you do not really have a physical presence for your restaurant, your store front, your ambiance, and even your branding elements move online at your website or app. Do not skimp on developing your virtual store-front. This is what will lure your customers in – a good website/app can make or break you. A shoddy design which does nothing to easy consumer navigability will directly translate into underwhelming user experience and set a negative first impression which would be
extremely difficult to change.

Are you doing SEO right?

Search engine optimization can be one of the most effective tools for cloud kitchen promotion. It essentially helps the search engine show your results on the top when someone searches for a relevant query. For instance, if you’ve optimized your content as per the SEO norms, and you are a
pizza joint, if someone in an area serviced by you searches for a pizza delivery joint on Google, your restaurant should show up towards the top of the search results. The nature of search keeps evolving and it is wise to keep track of the latest search trends by reading up on Google Search
Trends and Google Keywords Planner every now and then. This will give you a better sense of what people are searching online, so that you can include the relevant keywords in your content. Further, to optimise your website, your Google My Business account must stay updated with the latest
information- address, cuisine items, operational timings, type of business etc.

Are you leveraging Aggregators?

The likes of Zomato and Swiggy have captured the majority of mindshare of customers when it comes to ordering food online. These aggregators have therefore become indispensable tools of information dissemination and it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that listing on these platforms is
inevitable. Many of these come with their own community building offers and programs, such as Zomato Pro, and becoming a partner is one way to surely grab some eyeballs. Building on customer reviews and ratings on these platforms is another sure shot way at getting more visibility.

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Are you running enough Sales Promotions and Offers?

Building on the previous point, one of the most tactical moves a restaurant can make is offer discounts and offers. Cloud kitchen promotion would be incomplete without offering such introductory offers or other loyalty-based incentives. Millennials and Generation Z are extremely tech-savvy, which makes them much more likely to compare deals online and choose the best offer. Coupons, discounts, offers and their likes work wonders in providing that edge – a perceived increase in value for money.

Are you doing Google Ad/ YouTube Ad/ Facebook Ad/ Instagram Ad?

Paid media has a different kind of power – it is targeted. In other words, you and you alone choose who gets to see your advertisements, how they view your brand and what they feel about it when they see it. It is an extremely powerful tool which helps you personalize your message to different target groups. While you can advertise your discounted rates to students and youngsters, you can target family and elderly crowd to talk about your health and safety measures. It is versatile, effective and expansive. However, this tool can get expensive as you increase the volume. So, it is wise to have a sustainable plan around advertising spend on the web.

Are your customers talking about you?

The food space is increasingly crowding and making it extremely difficult for businesses to stand out. This race gets trickier for ghost kitchens as they only have their cloud kitchen promotion plan to speak for them, rather than a physical store presence to communicate a rich experience – it
becomes increasingly important to have a story, have people connect with that story, and then become ambassadors of it. Be it responsible sourcing of ingredients, or organically growing your produce, or something as simple as maintaining the authenticity of cuisine by using recipes handed down from generations to generations, have something distinct to offer and talk about it voraciously.

Everyone wants a slice of excitement to break through their monotony. Note that NONE of your cloud kitchen promotion material will work as well as customers suggesting other customers try you out. Focus on user-generated content, genuine reviews, and active advocacy by your community. Focus on building a community and you’ll see yourself uprising in no time.
Owing to the ever-increasing competition in the restaurant market, one needs to be absolutely sure that every ounce of effort yields a measurable return, and cloud kitchen promotion should further this ideology. A shot in the void is seldom a hit, so have a solid yet agile plan, see what works, and do not be afraid to iterate if something seems off. Cloud kitchens are a great format to keep lean operations and earn hefty returns. Good luck!

Bhavana Asthana

Bhavana Asthana

Bhavana is a digital marketing intern at LimeTray. Post work hours, she enjoys strumming the guitar and drinking 'garam chai'.