Netflix and Chill-ed: How Crepe-fe is Changing The Dessert Delivery Game

Born with the ambition to take desserts to the comfort of homes, Crepe-fe is a dessert joint delivering a wide variety of Crepes, Belgian Waffles, Bagels, Chocolates, Gelatos and more.

Especially with the growing number of Netflix and couch loving consumers – having fresh parlour like desserts at home is what – ‘having it all’ means.

Read on for our conversation on high-end desserts, online food ordering, delivery and how to stand out while doing all of them together with Shourrya Sachdeva, the founder of Crepe-fe.

Shourrya - Founder - Crepe Fe

Tell us about your life before starting Crepe-fe?

I always had an interest in the hospitality industry. I went to a hospitality school in Switzerland. Then I worked with my father’s organization for about 2 years before starting Crepe-fe.

How did Crepe-fe start?

The thought of starting Crepe-fe came after seeing the boom in the delivery industry. I saw the potential for improving the delivery experience and providing a unique product for delivery. We did a lot of research and development. Our team started with 5 people. Most of them used to work at my house before starting at Crepe fe. I have had a relationship with our main chef for 8 years and convinced him to come from Dubai to join us.

Why did you choose a dessert parlour format?

When we talk about desserts, it’s usually that a family would step out for a scoop of ice cream. But I feel that desserts also deserve the pleasure of being eaten in your comfort zones like your homes, beds, while watching TV. There are very few options in the world where desserts are delivered to your doorstep, and still look the same as when you get it at a parlour. This was our key motivation.

What were your major challenges while setting up Crepe-fe?

The major challenges were sourcing new vendors, creating machinery – in some cases we made our own machines for special purposes and mastering the products – we wanted them to last for 2-3 hours. Even if they’re cold, they should be good and tasty.

What do you think are the top three things that Crepe-fe is doing differently?
  1. The amount of transparency we give to our customers and supply partners. Anyone can walk in and see how we prepare stuff in our kitchen. Building extra confidence in your customers is important.
  2. The uniqueness of cuisine is another crucial aspect. We have a dessert parlour focused on delivery while offering a variety on the menu.
  3. Next would be our process and protocols. We don’t want to be vague, everything has to happen with a proper process. Even our machinery has been imported after days of research, to find the original and best fit.
How does your menu stand out?

Our online ordering menu stands out from the market because of the recipe, machinery and morale. We want to work towards being India’s best-known dessert parlour, where we provide an assortment of western desserts.

Crepe-Fe menu

Why did you choose to set up your internal delivery squad rather than partnering with other parties?

We were very clear that we wanted our in-house delivery team. I prefer it because it’s easier for me to connect with the labour today.

When you hire your own riders, you have control over your whole customer experience.

Even when things go wrong, you’ve the accountable person next to you to discuss and fix it. Rather than the common blame-game that usually happens between restaurant and delivery partners in the industry currently.

It also saves you from the commissions that these partners take because it’s quite a significant amount. With your own riders, even when you include all the costs – it is a better option for us. That’s why we never go with external riders.

Any tips for restaurateurs looking to set up their own rider force?

We have rider retention of about 98%. It is because the culture and morale we build with them is very important. Some tips to start with would be – having a support structure like giving free meals. Providing them the same value as you would give a General Manager. Even dry cleaning the bags they use every month. In the end, it’s the little things that matter.

What has been your favourite customer review/reaction so far?

As an owner, I focus more on the refunds and complaints so that they’re properly solved. But some instances I remember till now include, mothers ordering waffle cones at 8 AM in the morning. They were crushing the waffle cones and using them with milk for their children to eat. The idea of mothers ordering for their kids made me very happy. It’s like we locked up orders from the most important decision maker of any household. We won their confidence.

What are the milestones you think we’ll see Crepe-fe achieve in the coming year?

Mapping Delhi-NCR and come up with a franchise model will be our priority for the coming year.

What are the top technology solutions that have helped you in building Crepe-fe?

Google Drive and LimeTray. These are two key solutions that help us control everything at Crepe-fe. LimeTray, in particular, revolutionized the whole concept of syncing third-party orders with the restaurant POS. Other than these, we’ve another helpful software called Asset Infinity for our assets and tasks.

If you’ve to give one advice to the upcoming entrepreneurs entering the F&B industry, what would it be?

The biggest advice will be to focus on building an independent brand and also learn to charm your supply partners well. Patience and relationship building are the keys to success in India.

Lastly, describe your journey in one sentence.

I would say “sabar ka fal meetha hota hai”

Well, we hope Crepe-fe’s journey ahead will be filled with sweetness, innovation and lots of success.

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