The Anatomy of Diwali Packaging for Restaurants

Good packaging involves both – utility and aesthetics.

Restaurants need to pay attention to many aspects like – preserving food, ease of consumption, transport and lastly communicating the brand’s story or a particular purpose.

To make this process easy, we’ve collected some key questions you should answer before deciding on the packaging material and style:

  • How long might my product sit on the shelf before consumer consumption?
  • Will the shape and size prevent me from easily shipping my products?
  • What materials will allow for maximum product freshness and protection?
  • How much space do I need for my brand identity and messaging?

Picking a Style

This is your opportunity to define what style suits your brand image. There are multiple options for brands to play around, here are some of them listed for you:

Go all festive

Diwali is all about lights, colours, and traditions so why shouldn’t your hamper packaging reflect that? Go all in with colours, motifs, elements that remind you of your favourite Diwali things.

Diwali Gifting Packaging
Source: The Fitness Bakery

#Tip: Include some elements like flowers or diyas as a token of your best wishes in the package.

Keep it clean

If modern and clean is the look that goes more with your brand image, you can choose that. Use jars or containers that can easily be used even after the festival for storage or other purposes. You can take your brand colour palette as the inspiration here and design something similar and neat. This could work really well for corporate packages and gifting.

Here’s a clean Diwali package we love:

Clean Diwali Package
Source: Miam Patisseries

Be eco-friendly

Customers are now demanding sustainable packaging and it has become one aspect that can influence their buying decision. Diwali is one great event to go green and sustainable. Let the eco-friendliness of your package be its USP. Use reusable materials like jute bags, glass bottles or recyclable paper etc.

Key steps of your packaging process

✔ Sourcing material

Having a timely discussion with your vendors and making them understand the entire offering idea and what materials you’ll need from them is important. Again, going green and sustainable with your materials is great. There are even specific vendors who offer these packaging items. Make sure you’ve the right quantities and survey the market the market well for the best prices and discounts.

✔ Working with a designer

The design of the package is crucial. People like to look at and buy pretty things. If you’ve an in-house designer or agency for this process – great! Otherwise, you can get a designer on board on a single project basis. It’s important that you communicate the idea and vision you’ve in mind well with the designer. You both need to be on the same page for the packaging to come to life.

Diwali Hampers
The Bombaykery’s Diwali Hamper options
✔ Printing and production

This is where you get your package ready and in hand. Have a trusted vendor that can promise a similar quality throughout the batches that you get produced. You can explore options for wrapping, the kind of paper or cardboard to use etc and finalise them well in advance with your vendor.

✔ Wrapping it all together

You’ve your packaging ready! Now it’s time to shine, put it all together and ship those orders. Be sure you’ve proper transportation and storing space to avoid any spoilage and breakage in the process.

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