FSSAI Update: Newspaper & Recycled Plastic for Food Packaging, Banned

2018 was all about FSSAI building up strict regulations to improve the food safety in India.

Well, it looks like they are only going to get stricter and stronger in 2019

In a recent update:

The Food Safety Standard Authority of India (FSSAI) has directed all Food Business Operator (FBO) not to wrap food products using recycled plastics, newspaper and paper sheets.

Evolution of Food Packaging for Better Health

Packaging is essential and critical for promoting food safety. This is why FSSAI has made certain important regulations for every food business to comply with. Here are the important highlights:

• The regulations prohibit packaging material made of recycled plastics including carry-bags for packaging, storing, carrying or dispensing food.

• Considering that the inks and dyes may lead to the formation of Cancer, the norms also prohibit the use of newspaper and such other materials for packing or wrapping of food.

• The new regulations also prescribe overall migration and specific migration limits of contaminants for plastic packaging materials.

• It specifies the suggestive list of packaging materials to be used for different food product categories.

“Stakeholder’s consultation and mass awareness building among consumers and food businesses would precede implementation of the new packaging regulations.”
– Pawan Agarwal, CEO – FSSAI

Separate Regulations for Packaging and Labelling

Considering the importance of packaging in the food sector and its impact on food safety, FSSAI has separated the packaging regulations from the labelling regulations and a separate scientific panel for food packaging has been planned.

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A Result of Two Studies Conducted by FSSAI

The studies were done in collaboration with the Indian Institute of Packaging (IIP), Mumbai and the National Test House (NTH), Kolkata.
They were focused on checking the presence of chemical contamination and heavy metals in food.

Key Outcomes to Remember

  • FSSAI has amended provisions in respect to packing requirements.
  • New rules will come into effect after July 1, 2019.
  • They bar the use of recycled plastic and newspaper for wrapping any food article.

“The new packaging regulations would raise the bar of food safety in India to the next level.”

– Pawan Agarwal, CEO – FSSAI

We will keep sharing all the latest updates on this front. Meanwhile, here are some more resources and updates on FSSAI regulations:

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