Tips to Increase Repeat Customers for your Restaurant

Regular customers significantly contribute to a restaurant’s revenue and while every restaurant businessman strives to attract new customers to his restaurant, what matters is how many of those new customers convert into being repeat customers.

Turning new customers into regular ones then becomes crucial in order to market oneself effectively.

With these tips below, you can increase the conversion rate from new customers into regular ones of your restaurant.

1. Reliable experience with consistent services

With an aim of providing excellent services, you should also focus on the consistency of the said services and taste of food. Being consistent in your customer services sets you as a reliable brand which is admired by its customers.

A customer who gets the same treatment in terms of employee behavior and food taste tends to visit your restaurant again instead of the customer who experiences otherwise every time he visits your outlet.

Here are some tips for delivering excellent customer service at restaurants. 

2. Loyalty programs

Adding loyalty points to your customer’s wallet after each visit or purchase encourages them to visit your restaurant again, increasing your customer repeat rate. Moreover, unlike discount coupons and limited period offers, loyalty programs motivate your customers to visit you more than once.

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To integrate loyalty programs in your restaurant’s services you can adopt punch cards and can even buy a loyalty program solution, which easily allows you to add points to your customer’s wallet.

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3. Engage with your customer

Whenever someone visits your restaurant or orders from it for the first time, don’t forget to take their feedback. You can do so with the help of physical feedback forms and online review platforms respectively. Doing so will provide you with your customer’s data which you can later use to engage with him/her through the internet.

For example, once you have a database of the customers who order from your restaurant, you can start sending them regular emails and SMS about your latest discounts and offers. You can also tell them about your social media presence by offering minor discounts to people who follow you or tag you in their pictures.

Once a customer has followed you on your social media handle, you can engage with him/her using conversations, polls and quizzes, which will encourage them to visit you and is one of the ways to convert first-time visitors of your restaurant into repeat customers.


4. Accessible through technology

Gone are the days of traditional order management with online ordering platforms becoming a part and parcel of a restaurant’s working.
According to National Restaurant Association, 45% of consumers say that technology makes them dine out or order takeout or delivery more often.

Therefore, having your own online ordering platform can help you in encouraging people to order more often from your restaurant as it makes your brand more reliable and accessible. Moreover, during the times when your customer isn’t willing to visit you due to a crunch in time, being online can make him choose you over other restaurants.

Technology has also made customer management easier with comprehensive POS systems and CRM applications which frequently alert your customers about their order status and latest offers and discounts respectively, prompting them to visit you more often.

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5. Decor and ambiance

Your customers are more likely to visit a clean and hygienic place again when compared to a place with bad music and ambiance. They need a release from their hard day at work and setting up a good ambiance with pleasant music then becomes necessary.

Start by making your decor and ambiance themed around your restaurant’s vision to help create a brand recollection for your customers. A good atmosphere and setting can make the first time customer visit you again.

Riya Jain

Riya Jain

Riya is a Literature graduate working as a content strategist. You can find her reading The Little Prince and listening to the Passenger and Seafret in her free time.