New Food Emojis in 2019: The Year of Butter and Garlic

The new food emojis for 2019 are here and butter finally gets the recognition that it deserves! But there is still no hope for white wine. 😢

Emojis. You know the tiny pictograms you use while texting every day? And if you market a restaurant, you might be using them more often that.

So here’s news.

Just this week, the Unicode Consortium, the dutiful custodians of emojis, released the final list of emojis for 2019. Soon you would be able to add waffle emojis to your restaurant Instagram’s brunch menu posts. Tears of joy? 😂

Or oysters, garlic, potato, onion, sticks of butter, a packaged beverage or a South American caffeine based drink called Mate, if you are so inclined.    

And those are the 8 new food emojis out of the 59 distinct new emojis announced for 2019. Till 2018, the Unicode Standard had 2,823 emojis, with only 105 of those in the food and drink category.  As of 2019, we have 113 food emojis.

Here’s the full food emoji line-up for 2019.


Food emojis for 2019
No white wine or almonds yet?

While there is an impeccable glass of red for you to text across, there is no representation for it’s fairer cousin in the food emoji world. And those who know, know that this is not right. Myself included.

And this has not gone unnoticed. In July 2018, California-based winery Kendall Jackson recently submitted a 15-page proposal to correct this. They also have a website and a hashtag campaign to promote it.

Stand up for your rights we say.

The other (semi) high profile petition for the new 2019 food emojis has been that of the Almond Board of California. They created an Almond Emoji Petition claiming that the almond deserved a spot on the emoji world stage.

Almond board of California's petition to have an Almond emoji

If the Chestnut can have its own emoji….

“The emoji trend is here and it’s here to stay. Emoji transcends language barriers while increasing the richness of online communication. Why do avocado and taco lovers get their own emoji but almond lovers do not? Sign the petition below to show support for #AlmondEmoji. Then spread the word!” – California Board of Almonds.

And this is what California Board of Almonds was talking about:

After all, can you be real food in 2019 if you don’t have an emoji?

The emoji invasion

The impact of emojis on language and the way we communicate is tangible. In 2015, the crying face emoji (😂) was selected as the word of the year.

Aware of their impact on culture, the new emojis of 2019 reflects a certain thoughtfulness.

As seen on Emojipedia : 

Skin tone support was added to the Unicode Standard in 2015, increased representation of women in 2016, gender inclusive people in 2017 and hair color additions in 2018.

2019 expands the scope of people that can be represented, including people with various disabilities, a gender inclusive couple, as well emojis which permit a mix of skin tones for people holding hands.

But, butter…

The new emojis for 2019 has just been announced and is scheduled to be released later in March this year. 

For the food history books, 2019 will go down as the year of butter and garlic. And definitely potatoes. We love the cute little (yellow not red) onions as well. And let’s not forget waffles!

There’s always next year for Almonds. And maybe even a nice Sauvignon Blanc.


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Souradeep Datta

Souradeep Datta

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