Prepping for the Holiday Week- A Guide to Everything You Can Do This Week at Your Restaurant

With Christmas and New year’s just around the corner, it’s time you put in a little extra effort towards marketing your restaurant. After all, this festive time of the year is one that people all over the world look forward to. And let’s face it, 2020 hasn’t exactly been kind to us. Why not try our best to make the last couple of days of this year as merry as possible? 

In this article, we’re going to cover 10 ways in which you can spread holiday cheer and promote your restaurant. Use social media to inform your customers about the big plans you have for the week!

Christmas Restaurant

Depending on the legal restrictions in your region, your customers might assume that your restaurant would be closed this week. So, first things first- it is a good idea to let them know if you plan to be up and running on the day. To do this, use your social media, SMS, email and virtually every mode of communication you rely on to get in touch with your customers. You could also post festive pictures and stories of Christmas and then New year décor in your restaurant, your staff sporting festive accessories, and so on to get your customers in a merry mood.

Host a Giveaway

Christmas and the theme of giving go hand in hand. This holiday season, host a giveaway for your loyal customers. You could get them to participate in the giveaway using Instagram or Facebook. For instance, you can launch a photography contest for Christmas themed food and drink. As your customers go ahead and post beautiful photos of tempting food, make sure you repost the best ones on your social media handles too. You could reward the winners with a Christmas themed hamper filled with cupcakes, chocolates, and other treats!

Invest in themed décor

In order to get in the holiday mood, you need to create an ambiance that is bright, happy, and reminds people of Christmas. Investing in Christmas décor that you can use from year to year is absolutely essential. Go for timeless décor pieces that attract the eye. Just the simple act of decorating your restaurant’s entrance can do wonders in tempting pedestrians passing by to come in and take a look. You could also create artsy window displays. Use wreaths, snowflakes, stockings, and all the classic Christmas décor you can possibly think of. And last but not least, get a Christmas tree or a New year Wish box for your restaurant! Make sure to document the final look on your social media too, through posts and shares.

Offer Reservation Booking

Given that we’re in a full-blown pandemic, people might be reluctant to step out for a meal. In this case, you need to reassure them that you’re following government protocol to keep them safe and healthy. Reiterate that you’re following WHO norms for all your customers and staff. If you’re offering limited seating to promote social distancing, you can offer reservation bookings to your customers. This way, they don’t have to worry about their safety at all and can rest assured that your restaurant won’t be filled with crowds.

Introduce a Festive Menu

Something we love most about festivals is the scrumptious food that comes along with them. To make your restaurant more inviting this week, try to chalk up a menu that fits with the theme. Hot cocoa with marshmallows, red and white candy sticks for dessert, Christmas pudding, New Year cakes, gingerbread cookies…the possibilities are endless and just so tempting! You could also host a special all-week long buffet or perhaps a special brunch for your customers.

Launch Christmas / New Year’s Deals

A great way to promote your restaurant is to offer deals and gift cards during New Year’s / Christmas. For instance, you could have “buy one, get one” offers on Christmas drinks or discounts on certain desserts. You could also use your social media to promote your gift cards as an excellent gift choice for people playing Secret Santa with their friends and family. Try to introduce various gift cards of different values so that everyone finds them affordable!

Host a Challenge on your Social Media Platforms

One of the best ways to promote your restaurant is to engage your customers. You can do this by launching a photography contest on your social media. On Instagram, come up with a hashtag for the contest. Make a post asking customers to put up a Christmas themed photo using the hashtag. You could offer prizes such as gift cards, free drinks, and so on to the top three posts with the highest number of likes. By doing this, you get more visibility and you might attract new customers as well!

Host a Concert

Christmas carols are instant mood lifters and they get everyone in the holiday spirit. If you want to go out of your way to make this time more magical than ever, you can invite a singer, a band, or local musicians to come and play holiday tunes. Given that you have to be mindful of covid restrictions, you can also live-stream the entire event to your following on social media. This digital event is sure to spread the word about your restaurant and make lots of people happy- old and new customers included!

Collaborate with Food Bloggers

Most social media users tend to take the words of their favorite influencers seriously. If you can partner with food bloggers in your city that have a significant following, it will be a very effective way of spreading the word about the weekend specials your restaurant is offering. Influencers can post photos of these specials as well as the décor in your restaurant to charm potential customers.

Conduct Happy Hours

Another way to spread cheer is to have a happy hour at your restaurant during the festive season. Apart from offering traditional alcoholic drinks, try thinking of new and different kinds of cocktails. You can experiment with various flavors and try coming up with all sorts of delicious concoctions. It’s good to get creative with naming these drinks too. Make sure you also offer non-alcoholic drinks such as hot chocolate and mochas. Cute snowflake-shaped cookies and marshmallows at the side, and we’re good to go!

This time of the year is truly magical. And as a restaurant owner, you need to do your bit in order to spread the holiday spirit. The promotion ideas we’ve come up with are sure to help your business as well as bring about smiles and laughter! Don’t be afraid to let out your creative side in order to attract more customers. 

Good luck!

Sakshi Trehan

Sakshi Trehan

Sakshi Trehan is a content writer at LimeTray. She loves reading a good book while sipping equally good coffee. She can often be found listening to music by Norah Jones or A.R. Rahman