The 28-Point Checklist to Prepare Your Restaurant for Christmas and New Year’s

The holiday season is almost here and it brings with itself the opportunity to capitalise on heavy order volumes and new customers. Yes, we’re talking about catering requests, Christmas Eve dinners, New Year’s late night parties – a variety of orders that restaurants will come across. This is the time to grow sales.

While restaurants want to make the most of the season, they also want to cut down on the chaos. We know exactly what can help with that – a little organisation and a handy checklist for all your major tasks. After all, success always starts with a list, doesn’t it? 📝🎄

Simplify your operational tasks

☐ Check and keep the inventory updated

Here are some quick tips to help you.

☐ Make a prep list

This includes all the tasks that need to be done by your staff or chefs to be ready for the big days. Christmas and New Year’s is the season of rush, and equal hard work to keep your customers happy. Be ready for all possible circumstances.

☐ Use your POS as a central unit to keep everything in shape

Whether it’s getting orders from all sources quickly into your POS or integrating your CRM and loyalty campaigns, there’s a lot that an efficient POS system can help you do. Be sure to utilise it smartly.

Special efforts for special occasions 🎉

food festival
☐ Participate in Christmas/New Year flea markets, festivals and pop-ups

Flea markets, pop-ups and festivals are on throughout this season. Represent your brand well and make sure to get new customer attention. Here’s another checklist that tells you ways to stand out. 

☐ Host a Christmas Feast.

Remember to advertise. People make plans up to a month in advance.

☐ Make your packaging festive 🎁

Packaging represents your brand. Make sure to add a bit of festive flavour in it for bringing an extra smile on your customers’ face. Some festive packaging ideas that might help you.

Keep customers coming with marketing

☐ Work on multi-channel promotion

Use social media, emails, Search engine marketing, and your own website to have a robust promotional strategy.

☐ Retarget and reward past customers

Rewarding customers is easy with a loyalty program. You can even send free loyalty points during the season to encourage sale and visits. Here’s more inspiration for your loyalty program.

☐ Offers, deals, BOGO, tiered discounts 💰

These can be easily handled through multiple CRM campaigns. Look no far, if you need ideas to start with.

Need more of online marketing ideas and a list of offline marketing to-dos too? Download the full 28-point checklist below.

Post the rush

☐ Turn your seasonal visitors into lifelong customers

Some strategies for maximizing profits from your Christmas and New Year customers.

☐ Gather feedback

Feedback will help you engage with your customers as well as prepare an improvement list for your restaurant’s performance as well. Here’s more on why feedback holds utmost importance for your business.

We hope the full checklist helps you focus on more meaningful tasks. Have any suggestions to add to this list? Comment below, we’d love to hear from you!

To red-nosed reindeers and a super successful holiday season for your restaurant! 🦌🎅


Niharika Maggo

Niharika Maggo

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