Restaurant Logo Design Ideas – Examples And Tips For Creating Your Logo

One of the most challenging aspects about starting a restaurant is finding a logo that fits just right with the image you want to create for your business.

Scrumptious food and friendly service go a long way in making sure customers come back time and again to a restaurant. But a catchy restaurant logo that stands out is what attracts a customer in the first place! A logo is a very first image that pops into a customer’s head the moment they think of your brand. So, it is of utmost importance that you pick a restaurant logo that is appropriate and also catches the eye.

Restaurant logo KFC

Here’s what we are going to cover in this article:

  • Why is it important to have a good restaurant logo design?
  • The importance of having a good restaurant logo design
  • Innovative restaurant logos for inspiration

The importance of having a good restaurant logo design 

There’s a café or restaurant in practically every nook and cranny of the country today. When you are all serving similar food and beverages, it can be a little difficult to create an image for yourself that makes you stand out from your competition.

A powerful restaurant logo helps you in a lot of ways you might not have even thought of. Let’s say you run your café or restaurant in a locality where there are a number of restaurants located just next to each other. If you have a logo with a vibrant design, it will catch a customer’s eye instantly.

Cafe logoA unique restaurant logo will help in grabbing their attention and subsequently wanting to check out your restaurant.

  • The restaurant industry has many, many players today. Whether it’s donuts you want to serve or biryani, there are already a number of established names in the market. So, a unique name and logo will help in setting you apart from your competition. It will make sure that customers remember you and keep ordering food as well.
  • The importance of social media grows day by day. Food bloggers, as well as Instagram influencers, help in bringing you more customers, thanks to their large social media following. If your restaurant has a unique name and logo, you tend to get more attention from these Instagram influencers and food bloggers solely because of your unique idea. This can contribute tremendously to the success of your endeavor- through paid posts for promotions and collaborations.
  • It is always a good idea to give your business a more personal and human touch. A good restaurant logo can help in shaping your brand’s own identity. It can tell a story all by itself. Customers are drawn to logos that are more personal and genuine as opposed to common or generic logos with no real content.

What makes a good restaurant logo design? 

Your logo needs to effectively capture the heart and soul of your restaurant, or your brand.

What does your brand stand for? What is your theme? What is your USP?

A logo needs to be alluring. It needs to get across the essence of your brand. And you have to do this with very limited material: the right font, hues, shapes, and symbols. A logo is crucial when it comes to marketing because it helps shape a customer’s opinion before they have even set foot in your restaurant.

While selecting a logo for your restaurant, it’s best to do a bit of research beforehand. You need to keep several things in mind while making this decision:

  • Your logo has to, by all means, appeal to your target audience. It should essentially be something your target audience might find relatable, catchy or simply really cool. Often, you might have an idea for a design that you really like but if it doesn’t resonate with your audience, it’s not going to help!
  • Pick a logo that doesn’t have very detailed design. Keep it simple and don’t use too many colors. This way, customers will recognize it with just one look. When you have too much going on or too many details in a tiny space, it just gets overwhelming and the final result might not appeal to the target audience at all. You need to get across your point in the most concise manner possible. Extravagance is not ideal here.

  • You need to check out your competition. If you’re opening up a café, look at logos of other cafes in town and famous chains in the country as well. If you’re opening up a South Indian restaurant, google the logos of the most popular South Indian restaurants in town. You want to make sure that you don’t end up picking a restaurant logo that is too similar to the logo of another brand, especially one that is already quite popular. Stay away from similar fonts, shapes, and even color combinations. Your customers shouldn’t mistake your logo for another restaurant. It should be entirely unique.
  • If you’re having trouble finding the perfect logo, you could hire a designer who could create one for you that is tailored entirely to your vision. Before you finalize a designer, make sure you check out their previous work for other cafes, bars or restaurants. If you approve of their past work, meet them and explain just what you have in mind for your restaurant. If you have any rough ideas, you could even show them a sketch or two. Get them to whip up several options for your restaurant. Make sure you evaluate these options on your own as well as ask your friends and family for their opinions.
  • Don’t change your logo too often. Sometimes, making a change in marketing is unavoidable. If you think that adapting or modifying your logo will help your restaurant for the better, you should do it. However, don’t play around too much with the logo or constantly make minor changes to it. Doing this makes you come off as less reliable. It will only confuse your customers and might even lead to them not being able to distinguish your brand from other restaurants out there.
  • A logo that is one of a kind affects the very first time a customer decides stepping into your restaurant for a meal. An unconventional restaurant logo can appeal to your target audience as well as pique their curiosity. A novel logo usually makes customers expect a new and unique experience too. A generic logo comes off as dull and doesn’t motivate a customer to visit. So, make sure that your logo is tailored to the kind of experience you want to offer to your customers.
  • You can try narrating a story through your logo. For instance, do you have a particular ingredient or dish in your name that your restaurant revolves around? What is it that sets apart your food? Is the food you serve local or exotic? Use your logo to build this narrative. It encourages customers to give your restaurant a shot. For instance, if your restaurant is vegan or its USP is the fact that you promote sustainable living, incorporate this idea into your logo.


ice cream logo

  • Don’t focus too much on trying to be up to date with current fads or preferences. If you pick a logo based on a particular thing that seems to be in vogue right now, it might help you catch attention for a couple of months or years. But once the trend fades out, you’ll have to invest time and money again to make changes to your logo. It is best to go with a choice that is timeless and classy.  
  • Your logo is going to be printed on cups, boxes, menus, posters and a huge sign outside your restaurant. Customers will come across it on food delivery apps such as Swiggy and Zomato too. So, you need to make sure that your restaurant logo looks appealing on every platform, as well as in different sizes. It keeps up a consistent image that your customers will get used to.

Innovative restaurant logos for inspiration 

Broadly, logos can be put into two categories- typographic and symbolic.

  • Typographic Logo 
    This is the most common kind of logo. It involves typing out the name of your restaurant entirely with a unique font, color, and design. Usually, this is an ideal option for a restaurant that doesn’t have a very long name. Read more about the importance of typography here.
  • Symbolic Logo 
    These logos are normally used by chain restaurants that have a solid reputation in the industry. The logo is essentially just a symbol and doesn’t actually mention the full name of the restaurant.

There are tons of amazing logos out there that you can derive inspiration from.

Here are some of our favorites:  

Baskin Robbins

This is a simple logo that includes the initials of Baskin Robbins- B and R- along with the entire name. The logo’s beauty is in its simplicity- on the face of it, it’s just a circle with the brand’s name and initials. But, the logo exudes a feeling of fun and energy, much like the way one feels while eating an ice-cream.

Logo ice cream

Mad Over Donuts 

This is a logo most of us are familiar with. The font used is a very informal one and the alphabet “o” is shaped like a donut itself. The logo captures what the brand has to offer- donuts! Its simple orange and brown colors make the logo straightforward as well as effective. 

MOD logo

Taco Bell

Taco Bell’s logo is derived from its name. There’s a tilted bell here, in the colors pink and purple. The  attractive colours of blue and pink to appeal to its younger customers. Often, the logo is seen without color on Taco Bell’s packaging and it still manages to look great. After all, creativity doesn’t mean that you have to go all out with too many details to make a design unique. 

Taco Bell restaurant logo


The Chili’s logo captures the essence of this restaurant. The name is written in the middle of an oval with a little red chili in the middle. The colour choice seems appropriate as Chilli’s is denoted by red and green (both the green and red chilli). Green also implies that the restaurant makes use of the healthiest ingredients. Overall, the whole logo design looks neat and effortless.

chili's logo

Costa Coffee

Costa Coffee is a favorite among coffee lovers. Its logo of maroon and white has three coffee beans and the name of the brand, along with when it was established. There are no bold graphics or funky fonts- just an easy to remember logo. The symmetry and simple font catch the eye. 


Logo of costa coffee


The Domino’s logo is to the point- there are dominos in red and blue, along with the name of the brand. It’s not too flashy and the red and blue hues can be recognized by all of us instantly, in any corner of the world. The white in the middle gives the logo a clean look. The font used for the name is a soft one that is easy to read. 

logo design of pizza restaurantTheobroma

Theobroma’s logo uses two pastel colors and a custom font. The logo isn’t very bright or cheerful but the colors are calming and make the whole logo look very aesthetic. The light pink balances the green and the font has a hand-drawn element to it that is very attractive. 

logo design of theobroma


Summing Up – Ready to create your own restaurant logo?

Coming up with a restaurant marketing strategy that works best for your restaurant can often be challenging. With the horde of competitors out there, it can be a major effort to make your restaurant truly stand out. Your logo helps attract potential customers and helps shape their opinions too. So, you need to go out of your way into finding the best possible option for your restaurant. Whether you choose something extremely bright and colorful or something minimal in black and white, it has to reflect what your brand stands for.

Good luck!

Sakshi Trehan

Sakshi Trehan

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