Restaurant Marketing Automation- 5 Strategies You Should Apply In Your Business

Talking about the recent trends in the restaurant industry, marketing automation has served as one of the most useful marketing tools for restaurants. It has proven to be the most effective way to build a solid customer base while also maintaining a distinct online presence. Restaurant automation involves the use of technology and a good marketing approach to keep in touch with potential customers as well as loyal customers through various social networks. It promotes individual messages over SMS, email, and social media from time to time to ensure communication with customers. Usually, the content is personalized, depending on customer behavior. When done right, marketing automation can go a long way in increasing revenue and boosting a restaurant’s reputation. 

Restaurant marketing automation plays an important role in the marketing strategy of any restaurant because the use of personalised content leaves a lasting impact on customers. When they receive messages or promotions that are relevant to them, they are more likely to act on it and order food from your restaurant or visit your restaurant more frequently. This means an increase in footfall and possibly a satisfied customer, who is willing to spread the word about your business. And since all of the content being sent out is automated, you save a ton of time that would have otherwise been spent on writing messages and sending them out one by one. 

Sanitation and hygiene measures taken by restaurants by introducing contact-less delivery
Social Media Posts can be automated via automation tools like Hootsuite and Sproutsocial

However, it is necessary to constantly make changes to your automation strategies. You can’t use the same kind of content for all types of customers. It shouldn’t get too repetitive either. What you need to work towards is creating tailored content. Using information related to past orders and customer profiles, you need to customize your messages from time to time. 

In this article, we’re going the cover the numerous ways in which your restaurant can automate marketing. 

Keeping Track of Reviews

Online reviews play a huge role in making or breaking a restaurant’s reputation. Naturally, this means that it’s important to monitor customer reviews for your restaurant and making sure that a positive brand image is created. There are online reputation management tools that you can use to be informed when someone mentions your brand online. These alerts make it much easier to filter out reviews and you can quickly take action to deal with the situation.

Restaurant Loyalty

A restaurant loyalty program is a sure-fire way to make customers want to come back to your restaurant. You can record their loyalty points along with their customer profile, which is synced with an email or phone number. If you have an application, make sure there is a section where customers can check their loyalty points too. Otherwise, you could also opt to send these details to customers via SMS or email. For instance, you could offer a free beverage with a customer’s fifth order at your restaurant. You should send reminders to your customers about how many orders they’re left with to be eligible to get a free beverage. Apart from this, you could also offer discount codes to your customers from time to time, based on their loyalty points. The key is to stay in touch and keep customers updated about their rewards.

LimeTray's loyalty management system

Social Media Automation

The importance of social media marketing increases every single day. Catchy posts on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook are essential when it comes to creating a reputation for your brand. It is important to create quirky content that people will remember and want to share with friends and family too. You could also host giveaways using these channels. Once you’ve created a bunch of content to share online, you can use marketing automation to schedule your posts. Websites such as Facebook offer the option of scheduling numerous posts in advance. Apart from this, there are also other tools such as Hootsuite that you can make use of to schedule your social media posts. In this manner, you could set aside time every few weeks to create content and schedule it to keep getting posted on your social media at different intervals. This saves a lot of time and is an extremely effective approach to social media marketing.

Promotion via Discounts and Offers

If you have a chain of restaurants and one particular location isn’t doing very well, you could always use marketing automation to specifically promote it. For instance, you could offer certain discounts at this one location or set up events to attract customers. You could send SMS and email reminders to spread the word about each of your outlets too.

SMS and Email Campaigns

Marketing your restaurant over SMS and email are two of the easiest as well as the most effective marketing methods. Usually, customer data can be collected when a customer orders food online. You could also ask for their contact details while they’re physically placing an order at your restaurant. To automate this process, you need to make use of a system that sends out emails and SMS to customers at fixed intervals. You will have a whole record of the messages being sent out right at your fingertips. These messages have to be drafted in advance. For instance, once a customer has ordered food from your restaurant, they can be sent a feedback form or survey regarding their experience. If it has been a while since you received an order from loyal customers, you could send out an email informing them of new combo meals or hot deals your restaurant is offering at the moment.

Restaurant email marketing automation tool
Email tools like Sendit and Mailchimp allow you to automate your email campaigns

Restaurant marketing automation is crucial for the success of any business today. It offers endless advantages- all the way from managing time more efficiently to a deeper analysis of customer behavior. Make sure that the content you bring out isn’t very generic. Instead, it should be personalized and unique.  All you need to do is make sure that your marketing strategy evolves according to what your customers need and your restaurant will thrive

Sakshi Trehan

Sakshi Trehan

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