How Rolls Mania Uses Technology to Power Its Outlets Across the Country

Rolls Mania started in early 2010. Since then their aim has been to serve rolls with an Indian taste and an international presentation.

In this video, Puneet, Sukhpreet and Gagandeep, co-founders – Rolls Mania talk about how they’ve used LimeTray’s technology solutions to power different stages of their business.

QSRs can’t survive without technology

Whether it’s having a strong POS system or a product like Merge that brings all orders from third-party and your own platforms in one place, technology empowers Rolls Mania to be free from tedious and time-consuming processes and focus on their food and service.

Quick and quality feedback from the customers is another thing that gives them enough information to plan for retention and serve their customers better.

Reporting – a part of the routine

Having data by your side gives you an opportunity to find out what went right and what went wrong. LimeTray’s Pulse app and the merchant dashboard help in the same. At the end of every day, the founders at Rolls Mania check these data points across outlets. It’s now a part of their daily routine.

Rolls Mania has been with LimeTray for more than 2 years in which they’ve grown immensely. Being early adopters of LimeTray’s products, they recommend it to other restaurants wanting to solve their business problems using technology.

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Niharika Maggo

Niharika Maggo

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