Why you Need a Restaurant Management System in 2021

In the last few years, there has been a huge rise in online ordering. As social distancing becomes the norm, customers all over the world have switched to getting their food delivered straight to them instead of dining out. Today, restaurants need an effective system that lets them track orders easily while storing useful customer data too. The right kind of technology can make it much simpler to run your restaurant. And this is where restaurant management systems come into play. 

A restaurant management system essentially helps you streamline various business operations. More than just a restaurant POS system that manages orders, a restaurant management system can help you link billing, marketing, loyalty programs, and much more. 


In this article, we’re going to cover 7 reasons why your restaurant needs a restaurant management system. Let’s dive in!

A Smarter POS System

A competent POS system is the cornerstone of restaurant management. Every time a customer places an order, the system logs his or her details along with the order specifications. Instead of having an employee jot down orders, physically enter them into a billing system, and then edit quantities, the entire process is automated. This means that there is a much lower risk of error. You can also analyze inventory levels and food wastage.  Further, the data collected by the POS system can be used for personalized marketing, SMS campaigns, and emails. You can analyze the data collected to examine customer behavior and preferences too. With the right kind of POS software, you can easily access the data from your mobile phone when you’re away from the restaurant too. It’s all safe and secure.  

POS system at the restaurant counter

Easy Online Ordering

Online ordering has been a gamechanger in the food and beverage industry. By having a good restaurant management system in place, you can design your own online ordering platform. And this comes with some huge benefits. For starters, you don’t have to pay enormous commissions to third-party delivery apps. On your own app or website, you have a lot more space to create a brand image and connect with customers. In the long term, your profits are much higher too. A restaurant management system helps you manage orders easily across all platforms. It records orders received online as well as offline. Every update is reflected on your system and you get notifications constantly too. The entire process becomes easy and you can check the order status at any given point. 

Employee Management

Scheduling shifts can be a real nightmare. You’ve to remain in touch with several employees from each department, roster their shifts, prevent double shifts and the logistics can sometimes be too much to handle. A restaurant management system helps you bid farewell to these scheduling woes. Shifts are scheduled easily on an online interface that can be edited easily. You can also send out emails to employees to help them keep track of their work hours every week. Payroll management is another perk that you can make use of too. 

cloud kitchen staff

Accepting Reservations

It can be difficult for a single employee to manage reservations. The process involves a ton of phone calls, noting down names and numbers, and anticipating dining time. A restaurant management system can automate this process. It can help you conduct reservations in a more orderly fashion. You are free to access the reservation records along with customer details. This is of great use when you have to consider guest lists and wait times. 

Accounting Made Simpler

Whether you put in customer orders or record invoices from different vendors, the system makes every single entry into its log. This eliminates the need for calculators, notepads, and files. Instead, the system does the math for you. At a glance, you can review all the accounting data based on your expense and profits each month.  In the long run, it gets much easier to manage costs and analyze finances. A lot of time is saved, and the probability of error is marginal. 

Managing Orders

If you offer online ordering via multiple platforms such as third-party food delivery apps, your restaurant’s app, and over the phone, it can get quite tricky to manage all the orders. Even the tiniest slip-up can lead to huge delays and unhappy customers. With a restaurant management system, every order placed by customers across various platforms is recorded. Major status updates and notifications will show up on your dashboard and things happen seamlessly, lightening the load for you and your employees. 


Today, online marketing encompasses several things-CRM management, loyalty programs, and app promotion. It can be hard to keep track of all these processes. With a restaurant management system, you can solve this problem. You can add in SMS and e-mails to send out every time a new customer places an order. Another possibility is to encourage customers to download your app by sending out SMS messages to do the same. You could also use the system for personalized marketing messages, promo codes, and deals for regular customers. You can easily access past orders, the number of visits made by a customer, and their average order values. 

restaurant sms

A Restaurant Management System can help you simplify operations to a great extent. With everyday processes getting automated, you have more time and resources on your hands to create better business strategies and improve overall performance. You can focus on elevating customer experience using the data you collect.

Aditya Sarkar

Aditya Sarkar

Aditya Sarkar is a Marketing Manager at LimeTray. When he isn't being a Marketer, he likes solo-travelling, playing all kinds of sports and chilling out with friends! He's reachable at aditya.sarkar@limetray.com