Aahar 2020 Brief Up: What Restaurateurs Should Expect From Aahar This Year

Aahar is the International Food and Hospitality Fair that takes place in New Delhi every year. Aahar 2020, which kicks off on the 3rd of March, is the 35th edition of the fair.

Aahar has witnessed phenomenal growth since it was set up initially in 1986. Vendors and professionals from various countries across the globe participate in this fair every year, to promote their business. Aahar is hosted by the ITPO- India Trade Promotion Organisation which is a government body that strives to boost business and commerce in India.

Being the rendezvous point for people belonging to or associated with the food and beverage industry, Aahar provides a great opportunity to network with other businesses for 5 whole days. The fair has hundreds of exhibitors from numerous domains- food sector, hospitality sector, décor and much more! Visitors from all over India flock to the fair every year. At Aahar, you get to learn everything about the recent growth and changes that have taken place in different sectors. Whether it is food processing, equipment for packaging or even logistics, this fair is sure to leave you more aware of novel trends in the F&B industry. In the past, there have been multiple interactive conferences and workshops that have taken place in this international food fair as well. 

Aahar 2020 edition

Exhibitors from Hong Kong, Israel, UAE, Russia, Switzerland, and many more countries have stalls at Aahar. Government organizations such as the FSSAI also take part in this event and you get to interact with them, ask questions and learn new things. 

This five-day trade show is essentially a B2B event but it is open to the general public too. You can learn about what potential customers find appealing and subsequently make changes to the way you run your business. 

Here are all the details you need to know about Aahar 2020:

AAHAR 2020 – Key Details

Date: 3 to 7 March 2020

Time: 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM

Venue: Pragati Maidan, New Delhi 

Organizer: India Trade Promotion Organisation

Website: www.indiatradefair.com

This year, Aahar will be inaugurated by Piyush Goyal- Minister of Commerce and Industry and Railways- in the new International Exhibition-cum-Convention Centre at Pragati Maidan. It is organized by the ITPO and supported by various other bodies, including the Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority (APEDA) and the Association of Resource Companies for the Hospitality Industry of India (ARCHII). The event will be conducted in ten halls and three hangars. It is one of the biggest trade fairs in India. 

Aahar- Exhibitors

In Aahar’s 2019 edition, the fair showcased a sprawling collection of machinery, hospitality as well as décor items. It was divided into four categories- 

  • Food Products and Beverages
  • Food and Beverage Equipment- Preparation, Processing and Packaging
  • Hospitality and Décor Solutions
  • International Participants

More than 560 participants showed up at the Aahar Fair. There were various foreign exhibitors from countries such as China, Denmark, Indonesia, Japan, Peru and so on. It was organized by the Ministry of Food Processing Industries. 

Why should you attend Aahar 2020?

If you work in the Food & Beverage Industry, you need to visit Aahar 2020. It is an excellent networking opportunity for restaurant or café owners, equipment suppliers, and managers. It attracts visitors from different regions and has exhibitors from India as well as many other countries. 

Here’s how attending Aahar 2020 could help you:

Networking Opportunity

Aahar attracts vendors from all across India as well as from different countries all across the world. At this five-day event, you can interact with global players. Vendors showcase their products and services and it is a great place to build connections with potential business partners. You can network with managers, other business owners, and suppliers. 

Competitive Offers from Vendors

Domestic as well as international vendors offer products and services at lowered prices, due to the competitive nature of the trade fair. You can pick up some amazing deals here.

Aahar booth at fair
Innovations in Food Tech

The food-tech industry grows by leaps and bounds every year! Given the endless number of innovations that pop up now and then, it is important to stay updated about what is going on in this domain. After all, food tech can make running a restaurant much simpler. At Aahar, you get to learn about the latest food tech- using facial recognition, artificial intelligence, POS systems, and various other software to make operations a quicker and more seamless experience. 

Learn about the latest advancements in Kitchen Equipment

Running a restaurant is no piece of cake. Numerous processes are going on at once to ensure quick, efficient service to ultimately leave customers happy and satisfied. The right kind of kitchen equipment plays a large role in making daily operations easier. At Aahar, you can learn about all the recent developments that have come around in the domain of Kitchen Equipment. Whether it is general products involved in food preparation and packaging or cold storage systems, you have it all in one place. You can learn about state-of-the-art technology at this trade fair.

Making the most of Aahar 2020

The Aahar Trade Fair is a great place to make connections. You learn tremendously about what’s cooking in the Food and Beverage sector too. All in all, everything that you pick up here can help you improve your restaurant and provide better service to your customers.  Make sure you visit every booth and talk to various exhibitors about their products and services as well as their experiences in the industry. Often, their insights can help you grow your business and manage it more efficiently. Jot down details about the latest food tech that you see here. If you’re interested in purchasing a particular product or service, don’t make any decisions in a hurry. Instead, talk to different vendors and note down the prices they’re willing to offer you. Compare various aspects of the deals and arrange appointments for the future with the vendors you like the most

Summing Up

Aahar 2020 is among the grandest trade fairs to take place in the Indian subcontinent. Make use of this opportunity to grow your restaurant or café. Network with the people you like and do your research about everything that you see here. You could benefit a lot from the whole experience.

Good luck! 


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