Cafe Design Ideas – Tips And Tricks To Make Your Coffee Shop Stand Out

If you plan to open up a cafe, you probably already know that good coffee isn’t the only factor that guarantees a cafe’s success. Designing your cafe in a way that it stands out is key. Ambiance and décor go a long way in making a lasting impression on customers. If the word spreads all over town that your cafe has a unique concept or unconventional décor to offer, customers are much more likely to visit! 

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Approaching your cafe design in the right way is what is important here. So, consider this- What makes your cafe special? What sets it apart from the rest? What are you offering to your customers that they’ve never seen before? In this article, we will take you through the various considerations in designing your cafe.

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A distinct experience that is fun and innovative is one any customer would love to have, as opposed to sipping a cup of coffee at a mundane cafe with no life. There are many ways you could go about to make your cafe truly unique. Whether it’s taking inspiration from pop culture, playing with the color palette, bringing in books or games into the scene or even going out of your way to make the whole place more Instagram-worthy…the possibilities are endless.

So, before you go ahead and chalk out your menu, take some time to decide just how you want to design your restaurant with the goal of making it stand out from the horde of cafes out there.

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How to Design a Cafe?

When it comes to designing a cafe, you need to give it adequate time and thought. There are several steps involved in the whole process and if you carry them out well, we’re sure your cafe will attract customers from all over the place.

  • Your target audience is your prime focus. So, it is essential that your cafe design caters to their tastes and needs in every possible way. It must attract them in the first place and ensure a comfortable, fulfilling experience. For instance, if you want to connect with college-going youngsters looking for a fun coffee experience, make the décor youth-friendly. Maybe give it a theme taken from pop cultures such as a movie or comic series. On the other hand, if you envision your cafe being the kind of quiet place that working individuals can come in for a change of scenery, you should focus on making sure there are charging stations for their laptops and perhaps quick Wi-Fi. Make the décor classy and subtle instead of going all out with bright colors.
  • You have a concept in mind. There are hundreds of ideas running through your head about color schemes, lighting, and artwork. But you’re not sure where to start! The best thing to do at this point is to hire a professional. Get in touch with a designer. First, you need to discuss with him or her just what you have in mind and what the objective at hand is. You can then make a layout plan or blueprint for your cafe. Next, share your ideas and the various options you could choose from. Then, settle on your final choice. Often, your designer can also tell you about current preferences among clients and what the best way to tackle overall design might be.

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  • Now that you have a blueprint that you can begin with, go ahead and decide on your seating arrangement. Do you want to have indoor as well as outdoor seating? Do you want to have comfortable chairs and tables where one can work efficiently or more plush seats where one can curl up with a good book and some coffee? If you have outdoor seating, how do you make it more comfortable in the hotter or colder seasons? What is the view your customers will have? Keep all these factors in mind as you make decisions.
  • Pick a color scheme. If you want to make your cafe look bright and cheery, opt for hues such as yellow and orange. But if you want to pick something less vivid, go for a combination of whites tones with a darker color. The colors you choose to have in your logo, décor as well as at the entrance all influence customer behavior.
  • Lighting plays quite an important role in the ambiance of a restaurant or cafe. This includes natural light that can filter in through large glass windows as well as lamps that provide soft, warm light and make the whole feel of the cafe cozier.
  • Make sure that the furniture you equip the cafe with is complemented by the paint and the lighting. It has to be more or less uniform and of course, comfortable. Feel free to decorate the place with paintings, photos and catchy posters that match your theme.
  • Invest in food tech or restaurant technology. This includes aspects like an efficient restaurant POS or Point of Sale System that makes daily operations quick and smooth. One that takes care of all your billing, taxes, invoicing, finances, receipts and more. The right kind of restaurant technology can do wonders in reducing the burden of running a cafe. It also reduces the probability of any errors taking place.

Hiring an Interior Designer for planning your cafe design

Now that you know that an interior designer plays a significant role when it comes to planning a cafe’s look, there are a couple of things you need to consider. You need to be vocal about your goals and ideas with your designer so that the final result can be exactly what you had envisioned.

  • Look for interior designers in your area who have significant experience with cafes and restaurants. You can check out prior projects taken up by them and see if their approach goes in hand with your taste as well.
  • Once you’re sure of the interior designer you would like to hire, discuss the time frame you want the project to be completed in. Next, talk about the budget that you have for this endeavor. Jot down a list of all the materials, manual help and resources they might need. And most importantly, fix a deadline.
  • Make sure you talk about all the ideas budding in your head. If you’ve looked at photos of other cafes all over the world that you want to take inspiration from or if there are famous design concepts that you’ve heard of, show your designer what you like and have in mind for your own cafe. Then, you can mutually decide on a theme for it.
  • When it comes to aspects such as lighting and paint, make sure you discuss your choices. It is essential that you and your designer see eye to eye. All the way from flooring to artwork, the final choice of your cafe design should reflect what you had in mind in the first place.
  • While the Interior Designer goes about doing his or her business, you need to be part of every step along the way. Keep checking in, keep asking for updates, ask any questions you might have and admit if you don’t like how something is turning out. Give the interior designer space to put forward his or her ideas too.

 The 6 Coolest Cafe Designs All Over the World

If you are still unsure of which design to pick from, why not check out unique cafes from all around the world? Check out these 6 innovative cafes for some quick inspiration:

Veneziano Coffee Roasters, Melbourne, Australia

This coffeehouse is located in a previously industrial building. It incorporates shades of blue, bronze, grey and black in its décor. The cafe’s design is more like that of a bar, with seating around the baristas. Customers can watch their favorite brews being prepared right in from of them. 

Coffee shop leading design
Romeow Cat Bistrot, Rome, Italy

This quaint cafe located in Rome is just the right place to be for all cat lovers out there. Its interior is cat-friendly and extremely cute. There are huge windows and simple décor pieces with a tree in one corner of the cafe. There’s also a bookshelf that customers can pick out their next read from. The best part, though, is the six cats lounging around this cafe at all times- what else does a cat lover need?

Cafe Ki, Tokyo, Japan

The word “ki” means tree in Japanese. Cafe Ki, situated in Tokyo, is an example of a minimalist cafe design. The decor is modern, subtly and breezy. The entire interior of this cafe brings about a feeling of serenity.Its design is almost entirely white. It is simple, comfortable and the perfect place to go to for some peace of mind, along with a good brew.

Cafe design Japan restaurant

YND239-20 Cafe, Seoul, South Korea

This cafe is named after its address. It is located in Seoul and is perhaps the most innovative cafe design out there. The entire place looks like a simple, black and white cartoon. All the way from the walls to the furniture, the cafe looks entirely 2D. Even the coffee mugs and other dishware have a distinct 2D look! It is the go-to place for Instagrammers nowadays. 

Antoinette, Singapore

A cafe that is all about royalty. Named after Marie Antoinette, the famous French Queen, it is a classy place. The décor is fancy and has a French touch to it. The whole experience is sure to make you think of olden times of nobility and grandeur. This place is known for its crepes and pastries. 

Cafe Antoinette restaurant
The Little Prince Creamery, Singapore

This cafe is sure to bring about all sorts of nostalgia. It takes inspiration from the iconic tale of the Little Prince- one we’ve all read at some point or the other in our lives. Its décor is lively and cute, much like the book itself. There are scenes from the book drawn on the walls and the whole cafe has a very surreal feel to it. 

Now that you know the steps involved in designing a cafe and have sources for inspiration too, go ahead and devote your time to finding the perfect cafe design. Remember, it is more than just a strong cup of coffee that influences customers into coming back to your cafe time and again! Your goal is to find a way to set yourself apart from mainstream coffee shops in your city. A unique, mesmerizing design can boost your sales and build an excellent reputation. 

Good luck!


Image Source: Google Images

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Sakshi Trehan

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