How to Design the Perfect Online Food Ordering Website For Increasing Orders (7 Tips)

Building an order online platform is the first step to getting direct orders for your restaurant. But if you want customers to order more from you (increasing their order size that is), your main focus should be on creating an online page that is amazing and stands out from the crowd. An online food ordering platform provides you an opportunity for you to showcase all that’s special in your restaurant.

The first part is to get people onto your platform. For that to happen, you have to conduct a series of campaigns that pique the interest of your customers.

You can make use of attractive food creatives and offers that propel your prospects to choose you. Then you need to push your messaging across every channel that is frequented by your target audience. You might target CRM (SMS and email) to attack your existing consumer list or social media ads to promote your menu items. But having that perfect email campaign or perhaps a beautiful creative would not be sufficient. A successful campaign is only that which makes your customer order from you (more the better), that will determine your profitability. 

Optimising the online food ordering platform

A lot of things go into creating a perfect ordering experience for your customers on your website. Here we have jotted down all the essential points to help you increase orders.

1. Make the menu-browsing experience seamless

Your order page should be responsive, optimised for mobile, tab and desktop. Mobile in particular is growing in popularity and used by people of all ages. Marketers should ensure that the order platform fares well on all devices. Check for page size and load time to keep your page optimised for conversions.

Make neat sections. Organize the menu into sections, separate them visually and make sure they are arranged in a logical order. Check out Chi Asian Cookhouse’s menu segmentations below.

Tip: If you have some dishes that the customers love (as seen from reviews and feedback), try to place those at the top of the page, or more visible sections of your website.

2. Offer multiple payment options

Your site should give multiple options for people to pay with. You can have debit/credit cards, cash on delivery, wallets and more. Nowadays, consumers are looking to pay online only hence it is a good idea to incorporate as many payment modes as possible. Contactless delivery is also something that has come up in 2020, so do add that as an option on the payment page.

Offering multiple payment modes will help you increase your landing page success rate.

3. Make use of eye catchy images

food creatives

Believe it or not, no matter how amazing your restaurant’s management & food menu is, if you don’t have pictures to do them justice, it’ll all go to waste. You need to put up images of your restaurant’s food and interior because at the end of the day, that’s what influences the people’s decision of visiting your restaurant.

4. Give out Offers and Discounts

One thing people like most is a good deal, a value meal. In order to incentivize people to place an order, you need to put up exciting offers like “Get 20% Off On Your First Order” or “50% off today” or BOGO deals. Another thing which will help your website stand out is displaying your specials on the landing page along with the prices so that customers are intrigued to try them out and know exactly what to expect.

5. Pay attention to menu item descriptions

Good menu item description have the power to entice your customer, make him drool and want to order. You can even choose to keep the content short and sweet, covering all the key ingredients crisply.

fopd menu content

People sure like good visuals but they should be complemented with good content. Typos or grammatical mistakes are a strict no-no.

6. A/B test your online ordering page

Don’t shy away from making regular changes. Try altering your promotions and offers, your menu item placements, your featured banner and so on. You can use online tools like Hotjar, Freshmarketer or Google Optimize to run a few experiments. See what works better and accordingly tweak your order page.

7. Make use of customer reviews

It is important for you to work on your customers reviews, especially those on the top sites like Zomato, Swiggy and Foodpanda. Focus on working towards the negative feedback your receive on these platforms. Try keep an above 4 rating. Be responsive to your customers if they have feedback. Thank them for leaving reviews and constantly improve at bettering their experience.

Make sure to include good reviews on your online order page. You can choose to have a separate section altogether or perhaps you could even slip it onto the order page. How the people have rated your food and service has a huge impact on your business in the short and the long run.

Summing Up

Making your online order page a success involves a host of factors. Using good visuals, well-written content are obvious prerequisites. Checking for load times and page sizes, CTA tests, responsiveness- all this can determine how easy and seamless the online ordering experience can be. Lastly, make sure to experiment and try out different things to see what works best for your restaurant.

We hope this helped you gain some knowledge on all that goes into building an order online page. Like always, more power to you!

Simran Tomar

Simran Tomar

Simran Tomar is a Digital Marketing Intern at LimeTray. In her free time, she loves to dance and go out with her friends on lunch dates.