Fire-up your Restaurant’s Marketing this Diwali

Strings of bright yellow lights. Beautifully carved lamps. Truckloads of food. This is exactly what an ideal Diwali looks like. 

Diwali is around the corner and it is just the beginning of the holiday season. For restaurants, it can only mean one thing, “flourished sales”. So, how are you ornating your marketing strategy to shoot up your sales? 

It’s extremely important to have a solid game-plan during the festive season as the market is full of enthusiastic buyers. In this year’s Diwali special edition, we are going to give you some stellar ways by which you can increase revenue. 

Let’s help you get started.

Cracking Holiday Promotion and Marketing Ideas 

Diwali means being with your family. This, in turn, means that diners are most likely to not step out of their houses, let alone eat-out. And therefore, your main focus should be to reach out to them and get them to order digitally from you. 

1. Something new to “binge-eat”

Introduce a new dish on your menu for a limited time. Or create an entirely new menu for Diwali! Give them a story that makes them nostalgic and compels them to order from your restaurant.  Make sure you add a “Desserts and Sweets” section even if your brand is not famous for sweets. 

2. Gifting food, why not?

Diwali is all about gifting. People appreciate a gift-card more than an actual gift, which they might not even like. You could perhaps try giving gift cards for your restaurant. A complete Diwali meal at your restaurant that your customers could pass on in their close-knit circle. Since Diwali is all about sweets, make sure you give your customers complimentary sweets on every order. 

Diwali marketing ideas

3. Tailored gift cards a.k.a customized cupcakes

As against the regular dishes served at your eatery, you could customize a few of those to showcase the spirit of festivities. Something like a box of customized cupcakes or sweets. Highlight your most expensive menu items. Customers tend to go all out on purchases during Diwali.

4. Partner with local businesses

Team up with other businesses, local artists, musicians and more. Get them to collaborate or perform at your restaurant. This draws more customers and promises a more wholesome experience. Hold in-house events like movie screenings, karaoke or game nights. A fun way to celebrate a festive evening. Get food bloggers and critics to talk about your restaurant. That will introduce your brand to a larger audience and help you with your own customer base. 

Diwali Marketing Ideas for Restaurants

5. Diwali Hours and related offers!

Gripping time-based discounts is what we’re talking about here. Say, a straight 25% off on all menu items between 3 pm to 6 pm. Reward your customers based on their previous orders or the most frequently ordered dishes. Make gift hampers and hand it to all customers who visit you, a tiny gesture to make them feel valued. Remember word of mouth works wonders in this industry. If customers like you, they will definitely talk about you. 

Here are some offers you can run for your restaurant this Diwali.


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6. Go to your loyal customers

Let your Loyalty Programs do the trick for you. Send personalized offers and discounts to your regular customers and get them to utilize their loyalty points. Double the loyalty points during Diwali to get more repeat orders and boost your sales. Using well-planned Loyalty Programs with the right set of customers during Diwali will definitely bring more orders to your kitchen. Rewarding customers based on their previous purchases will give you a larger basket size on subsequent orders. 

7. Encourage pre-booking

Nobody likes waiting. Especially on special days and festivals. Allow customers to go on your website to reserve tables or place orders online way before the rush hours kick in. This will help you manage tables better without leaving room for any confusion. You could also rent out spaces for family or corporate parties. Alternatively, your restaurant can offer catering services at these parties. 


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8. Simultaneously increase your customer base

During festivals like Diwali, your brand comes in touch with a lot of new diners. Make sure you capture all customer data amidst the crazy volume of incoming orders. This will help you market your brand later.  Emails and text messages are a great way of interacting with diners. You can send specific offers or announcements based on their order history. 

Diwali packaging

9. Package right 

Restaurants need to pay a lot of attention to the packaging of food. It has to be aesthetic yet sturdy to ensure the safe delivery of food and also increase the shelf life of a particular food item. Here are things you must pay attention to:-

  • Choosing a brand identity that is unique. 
  • Go bonkers with colors and include elements that represent Diwali.
  • Keep it clean and uniform throughout. 
  • Go green by using sustainable packaging made out of bio-degradable materials. 

Read more on The Anatomy of Diwali Packaging here.    


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10. Bank heavily on Social Media Promotions and email marketing

The number of customers you can reach via social media is incredible. Multiple studies and reports have suggested that people have come across a particular restaurant by their social media posts. 

  • Shoot up those emails. Sending newsletters is a good way of getting across your restaurant’s offers. Send a special newsletter on Diwali that is engaging and has something real to offer. Time it right and make it visually very engaging. 
  • Use social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest, to share pictures of your food, staff, and customers. 
  • Give special deals to your social media followers. This will help in promotions post festivities too. 
  • Respond to all social media queries and concerns. You must do so in order to build a trustworthy customer base online. Your potential customers need to know that all feedbacks are taken into consideration. 


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12. Update your restaurant’s website and app

Since the majority of your customers are going to place orders online, it is important that your website is updated with all the contact details, images, menu and more. Keep them informed about all the Diwali offers and discounts. 

Online Listings and Ads are essential during festivals. Your restaurant needs to be discoverable for customers to reach you. Paid digital marketing is a definite way of conveying your messages to your customers.  

Let the festivities begin!

Festivals like Diwali are a brilliant way of maximizing sales. And even after the festive season is over, you acquire new customers for your future marketing campaigns. Customers are always on a lookout for a distinct experience and if your restaurant must aim to provide just that. Marketing, when done timely and in an organized way, can help you win more customers. There is a lot of competition in the food business but nothing that can’t be fought through. With the right strategy and sufficient resources, you can hit the target audience and get them to celebrate Diwali with/at your restaurant.

Devyani Singh

Devyani Singh

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