Foodpanda Restaurant Registration: All that you need to know

Tying up with Foodpanda is an important step for any restaurant. In this article, we will cover all that you need to know about Foodpanda restaurant registration.

  • What is Foodpanda?
  • What are the steps of Foodpanda restaurant registration?
  • What are the essential licenses involved while registering with Foodpanda?
  • Why should you register your restaurant with Foodpanda?
  • What are the disadvantages of registering with Foodpanda?
  • What are the alternatives to registering with Foodpanda?

What is Foodpanda?

Foodpanda is an online food delivery platform that creates customized restaurant profiles on their domain. They help restaurants increase their visibility online. Foodpanda lists them and runs a host of advertisement campaigns to promote the restaurants. Customers can easily find their restaurant of choice by using filters like type of cuisine, delivery time, cost for two and more. They also get an idea about the quality of a restaurant through ratings and reviews. In short, a Foodpanda registration helps bridge the gap between restaurants and customers.

What are the steps of Foodpanda restaurant registration?

Tying up with Foodpanda is not much of a task. All you need to do is fill in certain basic details of your restaurant and you’re good to go. 

STEP #1 

On your browser, open Foodpanda’s homepage for whichever country you want to open it in. And this is how your screen would look like 

foodpanda registration for your restaurant

STEP #2 

Scroll down to that part of the webpage where you’ll find a “GET STARTED” call to action button. Click on that. 

Foodpanda restaurant registration snapshot
Foodpanda restaurant registration screen

Alternatively, you can also scroll further down towards the end of the page and click on “Partner with us” that is placed at the bottom right. You’ll then be redirected to a new page. 

Foodpanda restaurant registration

STEP #3 

Once you’ve been redirected to the Foodpanda sign-up page, you’ll have to fill in some basic details of your restaurant like, 

  • Restaurant Name, city, address with a postal code.
  • Restaurant Cuisine.
  • Particulars of the owner like first name, last name, contact number, and email address. 
  • Responsibilities of the person filling the sign-up page.
  • Other details like the average cost of a meal for one person and whether you have a delivery service or not.
  • Towards the end of the form, you’ll have to upload your restaurant’s menu or any other specific documents specific to the country you’re looking for. 

foodpanda restaurant registration screen

foodpanda restaurant registration screen 2

foodpanda restaurant registration screen 3

Foodpanda restaurant registration screen 4
Foodpanda restaurant registration form


After filling the above-mentioned details, click on “Submit Form” and your application will be processed. 

Foodpanda restaurant registration screen 5


Once the form is submitted, the Foodpanda executives will get back to you after having reviewed your restaurant’s particulars. 

Completion of foodpanda restaurant registration

That’s how quick the Foodpanda restaurant registration is. Make sure you’ve filled in all the correct details in order for a faster onboarding process. 

What are the essential licenses/documents involved while registering with Foodpanda?

When you open your restaurant, there are some important licenses that you must have that further authenticates your establishment. Some of these licenses are also required when you register your restaurant on Foodpanda. You should have access to these and preferably have the soft and hard copy versions handy.

1. Shop License – 

Every restaurant has a shop establishment registration that is required to be submitted at the time of verification. Pictures of the establishment are also required so that they can put it up on their portal.

2. Owner’s identification proof documents –

Any personal identification number provided to you by the government of your country must be presented at the time of registration. 

3. Copy of restaurant’s invoice – 

This is a proof document that must contain details like tax availed, service charges, shipment/delivery charges, packing charges and more. 

4. Bank account details – 

It is essential that you provide the bank account details for all transactions that would be made. 

These are the four basic documents and licenses that are required at the time of Foodpanda restaurant registration. However, there may be a few documents that are country-specific that you need to provide.  

Why should you partner with Foodpanda?

There are plenty of reasons why you must register your restaurant with Foodpanda. Not only will they help you amplify your customer base but also elevate your restaurant’s orders. 

  • It’s one of the leading brands in the Online Order Aggregator space –
  • Foodpanda is one of the first companies in the online food order aggregator space. Established in 2012, it is present across 40 countries (193 cities) and spans across 27000+ restaurants. A listing here would help you increase your visibility online significantly.
  • It’s all about convenience –
    Our everyday activities are greatly controlled by the smartphones that we use. Be it sending work emails or ordering food, everything is done on this device. No one would like to have it the other way. It’s only because of how phones make things convenient for us. More and more people will have access to various apps that lets them order food online, Foodpanda being one of them. Plenty of studies show that people would rather order in than go out and eat. 
  • Wider customer base –
    Often restaurants are not able to reach out to a lot of people because of poor marketing strategies. Due to which, many establishments close down within the initial years of opening. With Foodpanda you wouldn’t have to worry about this. They have a detailed marketing plan and their audience base is also wide. Marketing is effective only when done at the right time to the targetted audience. This is exactly where Foodpanda is going to help you.
  • Delivery –
    If you do not yet have a delivery in place for your restaurants – you might lose out money on the non-dine-in arm of your restaurant. Foodpanda has a strong logistics and will help you open up your delivery business and cater to a wider audience. With customers increasing home orders of food, a Foodpanda registration will definitely help you make the most of this.
  • Multiple payment options –
    Gone are the days when people had their wallets full of money. Not only is it unsafe but also a hassle to carry around. Thanks to technological advancements, people are graduating towards cashless modes of payment. Foodpanda provides payment via cash, credit or debit cards and through online payment gateways. 
  • Customer experience is a priority –
    Every restaurant in the food business aims towards providing an exceptional customer experience. Registering your restaurant with Foodpanda is going to help you achieve that faster through the various features it has to offer. We’re talking about quick deliveries, real-time tracking of the orders and much more. 
  • Increased credibility –
    Customers use Foodpanda to make purchase decisions. They are constantly on the lookout for new restaurants to order from, dine out in. They piggyback on metrics on the Foodpanda platform like ratings and reviews and take a call accordingly. Foodpanda also has a reviews section through which customers share the feedback of their experience. This again acts as an important credibility enhancer.
  • Menu updates on the go –
    A restaurant’s menu is bound to change with every new season, the latest trends or simply a discovery in the food world. The menu and its prices can be regulated easily.

Whilst it’s a great option to register your restaurant on Foodpanda, there are certain negatives of doing so. 

foodpanda restaurant registration

What are the disadvantages of registering with Foodpanda?

Foodpanda helps you reach more eaters in your area and markets your brand for you on their platform. But all this for a cost. 

  • Heavy commission fee
    For each order that’s placed at your restaurant through Foodpanda, you will have to pay a commission fee to them. Service fee is also added to every order. Paying high commissions to online food aggregators could negatively affect your restaurant profitability. Once you register with Foodpanda, your costs will surely go North, negatively impacting your bottomline.
  • More options mean higher competition
    There are many other restaurants like yours registered on Foodpanda. Probably with the same cuisine or sets of dishes. Customers tend to order from a restaurant that has positive reviews, high ratings and that are priced decently. To get recognized in such a crowded space, you need to be creative yet keep all the aforementioned things in mind. 
  • Restricted online space
    Each platform comes with certain rules and restrictions. You will have to comply with the guidelines provided by the Foodpanda platform. To put it simply, there is no space to showcase what’s different about your brand, limiting your ability to advertise your brand. This increases the chance of getting camouflaged between other restaurant brands. 
  • Not a promising investment
    Given that there are a few other online food aggregators that are well-funded, thinking of a long term investment can be tricky. While Food panda or other online aggregators might be a good injection to your online delivery model, depending on them for long might not be the smartest decision. Increasing commission rates leading to low profit margins will slow the growth of your business.


What are the alternatives for a Foodpanda restaurant registration?

There are a few ways of overcoming the drawbacks mentioned above. 

  1. Creating an online food ordering system for your restaurant will help you create your individual brand presence. Order management also becomes relatively easier since they’re all going to come on a single platform. 
  2. Building your restaurant’s own website and mobile app will help you present your brand the way you want to. Multiple sections and tabs can be added for easier navigation. Any modification or update will happen in real-time. This means all changes will get reflected immediately. With your own website and app, you will not be bound by any restrictions. You will have ample space to experiment and portray your restaurant’s themes and concepts. You will no longer have to worry about any competition since you have your own online ordering website. And now that the commission to the third party food aggregators is scrapped off, it can be used for marketing. 
  3. Tying up with other food order aggregators – The market is now flooded with online food ordering aggregators. Some of the leading ones are Ubereats, Tiny Owl, Deliveroo, Zomato, Delivery Hero, Swiggy. You should be present on most of these platforms even if you are already registered on Foodpanda. 

And you’re all set! 

Foodpanda is a great platform to attract customers to your restaurant. A Foodpanda registration will help your brand get noticed and bring in orders. While it will definitely help you get recognized in this large food business space, it comes with its own sets of drawbacks. Building your own platform will help you market better. The only way to reach a conclusion is to be clear about both the benefits and drawbacks.

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