Importance of Professional Food Photography for your Restaurant

Even when words fail, pictures have always come to the rescue. Pictures need no language to communicate the message. Be it reviews, menu displays or branding – a nicely done authentic photo shoot speaks way louder than words for an industry as customer-centric as FnB. The Restaurant Industry in today’s time does 70% of its marketing online and needless to say visual marketing captures the customer’s attention faster and leaves an everlasting impression.

Here are a few reasons why you need to get a professional photo shoot done right now :

Helps in building customer’s trust

When it comes to food people are generally very picky and specific about what they are ordering. So having seen already what is going to be served and how it builds customer’s trust in the dish. The expectations are set right, neither are they undersold nor are they oversold. Also, they might even get adventurous by trying new dishes and cuisines.

Why do you need to get a professional photo shoot done today

Increases sales

Good photography leads to more immersive consumer attention & helps in increasing sales. When combos are clicked together and presented in the menu, there are chances that people order the entire combo rather than ordering just a single dish. While food pictures on a printed menu can help you upsell items by meticulously highlighting images of high-profit food items, food pictures on your digital menu are great for SEO & helps in improving your website conversions. In fact, we’ve seen an increase of more than 25% in conversion rates when restaurants moved from text-menus to image-based menus on their own online ordering platform.


Digital menu versus Image intensive menu

Digital text menus vs Image-based menus


Generates content for Marketing

A good stock of real branded food shots is probably all you need to start off with your marketing campaigns.  Whether it’s a print ad, a pamphlet, an email about your latest menu update or a drool-worthy facebook ad, a creative with real food shots will create way more impact than a simple banner.


Helps in Branding

Brand building is one of the major challenges that restaurant owners face, coming out as one identity in the market. And food photography can be a real differentiator between your brand & competition. Say, if you’re in a mood to eat Asian, from which of the below menus are you more likely to order?

A badly done photo shoot, not at all appealing





Not just your website, but even adding them on different discovery platforms like zomato, swiggy, foodpanda, TripAdvisor would help you stand out in a place where all your competitors are present.


All you need now is a good photographer, some of your bestselling dishes straight out of the kitchen and voila.

Bring out the best of your dishes in existence via a photo shoot and see what wonders it does for your brand. According to a survey, a person remembers only  10% of the information read or heard. However, this number changes to a whopping 65% when the information is paired with a relevant picture.
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