LimeTray Praised as a Top Restaurant Management Software

LimeTray is humbled to receive the 2018 Great User Experience award from FinancesOnline, a popular discovery platform for the best software solutions in the market.

Having reviewed over 7,000 B2B and SaaS solutions since its inception, FinancesOnline utilized its expertise to conduct a comprehensive review of LimeTray. In a detailed restaurant management software research, the review site also compared and contrasted our cloud-based end-to-end restaurant management system against our competitors.

For experts, LimeTray’s clutter-free and user-friendly design makes it stand out from others. Compared to other POS systems, LimeTray is easy to install and use, stated FinancesOnline’s experts. Simply put, its intuitive interface and ease of use allow managers to stay laser-focused on delivering “top class” services to customers, stated their experts. They were also impressed with LimeTray’s offline capability, as it ensures that internet disconnection never hampers restaurant operations.

Their positive impressions paved the way for LimeTray to receive the Great User Experience award for 2018. This title indicates that our software has passed FinancesOnline’s stringent quality standards concerning ease of use, interface, deployment, and overall design.

FinancesOnline tackled many more details in their LimeTray overview. Below are some of the benefits provided by LimeTray, according to their review team:

  • It collects all data to generate detailed business reports, which in turn allow businesses to gauge their performance and recalibrate their operations.
  • Its CRM integration enables businesses to connect with their customers.
  • Easy collection of orders across multiple platforms.
  • Restaurants can directly receive online orders from customers without any third-party aggregators.

A big thanks to FinancesOnline for taking the time to review LimeTray and recognizing us in their article that tackles POS definition. More importantly, we would like to express our sincere appreciation for the continued support of our customers that has resulted in us being featured consistently among the top restaurant software providers in the world. All of you continue to motivate our team to continue making LimeTray the best platform for restaurants seeking not only to build and manage their business, but also to effectively engage with customers.

Aditya Sarkar

Aditya Sarkar

Aditya Sarkar is a Marketing Manager at LimeTray. When he isn't being a Marketer, he likes solo-travelling, playing all kinds of sports and chilling out with friends! He's reachable at