How to Use Data to Optimise Your Online Order Menu

How do you know what’s working in your restaurant’s online order menu and what’s not?

The foundation of good menu optimisation is data. But, this is where a lot of us forget to look in the first place.

Today’s customers buy food in an entirely different way. Restaurants need to adapt to their behavioural changes constantly. Setting up your own online food ordering system may be a good idea to have customers order directly from you.

By the time you’re done with this post, you’ll be ready to implement an optimised online order menu for your restaurant. We’re going to give you all the tips to crush it.

Why You Should Focus on Your Online Order Menu

A study by Statista says that the revenue in the ‘Online Food Delivery’ segment amounts to $7,120 million in 2018, and we’re explicitly talking about India here.

This revenue is expected to grow by 14.8% in 2019 for the restaurant-to-consumer delivery segment.

online order menu stats
Source: Statista

The bottom line: people are buying online. The popularity of cloud kitchens and delivery-only models proves it further. You, as a restaurant, need to tackle both the challenges and opportunities of the same to improve your business.

When it comes to your menu, it’s the first step to introduce a customer to your restaurant. The challenge here is to present it digitally to your consumers with no servers to guide around.

So how can all of this optimisation lead to more sales? Here are some ways you can leverage data to do just that.

How to Use Data to Your Advantage

Let’s break these down into four main categories:

Data for Menu Segmentation

Dividing your menu into easy and accessible categories is of utmost importance to derive customer attention. These categories can further be broken down into subcategories for quick comparisons. Analysing the purchase data from here will help you understand which are the favourite items, what items should you add, subtract or rearrange for better conversions.

Menu segmentation example
Menu segments on

A good strategy is to test different menu segments over a period of time and notice changes in online buying patterns to come at your ideal menu segments.
Another critical role of these segments is that they’ll help you quickly identify problematic items in your menu. These are the items that require contacting the customer for a refund or complaints.

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Data for Customization

Today, pleasing your customers involves giving them more power, be it in terms of food selection or payment options. You can use data here to identify and add preferable menu modifiers and add-on options. This gives your customers a greater choice at affordable prices.

The other thing data can be really utilised here is to identify items and combinations that will work well as family/value packs. These kinds of offers have been in huge demand and get good amounts of orders especially on specific occasions.

Data for Pricing

Data around ingredient costs and portion sizes can help determine ideal prices you can apply to your menu. Analysis of competitors menu prices is also an excellent way to check the industry trends. You can even test different prices on multiple ordering services to optimise your pricing for profitability.

But you know what else? Data also plays a huge role when it comes to deciding discounts. Recording sales volume and responses to different offers and working out various combo deals is the key here.

Data for Decision Making

To further optimise your online order menu, you can use the data sets collected from email marketing, advertising and restaurant CRM campaigns.

You can measure which promotion for which items works the best or which offer is getting you more sales volume and what are your customer’s top menu preferences.

Marketing offers example
Offer placements on

You can even test different CTAs and menu placements on your own website and see which works for the most conversions. Data also helps when it comes to coming up with new menu items according to customer feedback and requests. Data is the central point for good decision making via a well laid out restaurant analytics setup.

Your Own Optimised Online Order Menu

I hope at this point you’ve all the tips to get one step closer to your new and optimised online order menu. Keep in mind: data is not something to be scared of, it actually can help you in making smart decisions and getting better profits.

Know a cool ‘online menu’ that you like? Share with us, and we’ll feature it on our blog!

Niharika Maggo

Niharika Maggo

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