Offers You Can Run For Your Restaurant This Diwali

Hello, festive season!

And hello gifting, bulk buying and impulse purchases. Simply put, this is when a lot of people buy a lot.

If you are a restauranteur, you probably have a game plan for this festive season. Menu, decor and packaging aside, there’s a lot you can do for your sales by running well-crafted offers that target the festive sentiment.

Here are a few tactics you can use to create offers, this Diwali. Use this as a check against the offers that you might have already created.

1. Target the basket size.

Diwali is when families get together. And eat(order) together. This means large basket sizes. So your offer should be (or seem) big enough to snatch customers away from competition.

Try X% off up to Rs. X. This was a popular offer last Diwali. 33% is a great discount to start with. You can even go up to 50%. But the catch is what comes after. You can cap the discount up to a comfortable amount. Between Rs. 100 to 200, for example. This way you get an attractive offer but don’t end up discounting too much.

2. Load up the loyalty

Giving out Loyalty points in bulk is another way to attract customers. If you have been giving out loyalty points in the 100s, Diwali is the time to double down. You could double the loyalty points you usually give out. Or even go 5x. This is sure to drive repeat orders so that you can maximize your sales this holiday season. A Diwali BONUS, if you will.

3. Showcase your premium products

Diwali is about prosperity. People don’t shy away from buying big. Leverage this shopping behavior by showcasing your most expensive and niche menu items. Package these with nice and bold imagery in your communication. The idea here is to make this Diwali special for your customers by offering something special. Discount it if you don’t get the sales you were anticipating. Here, a small amount of 10-15% should do the trick.

Diwali is the perfect time to promote your premium product or hidden gems.

4. Rewarding your customer based on their purchase.

Here’s the best example for this:

Giving the customer an incentive to buy more will always help you get bigger and better orders.

5. Cash-in on cashbacks

Cashbacks are everywhere and are quite popular with customers. You are likely to get a large number of customers this Diwali. Don’t lose the opportunity to turn them regular and long-term. Bring customers in with a cashback and onboard them to your tiered loyalty programme. And you get regular customers.

6. Make packages, combos, bulk order packs & gift hampers

As people are purchasing in bulk for their own use and for gifting, you have the perfect opportunity to clear out your inventory. Make attractive packages, combo deals for customers. Remember to add menu items that you have been struggling to introduce to customers (the stuff that is good but never gets ordered). And your customers will appreciate the element of surprise. Here’s hoping for a new star on your menu.

7. Flash Sale

You can wait to achieve your sales in 10 days or achieve 80% of it in just 2 days. Players like Amazon, Flipkart, follow this quite closely. FLASH Sales create a lot of noise, can help brand awareness, and also get great revenue.

This is especially relevant for bakeries or sweets (food that can be gifted).

Select  the weekend before Diwali. Customers would be on the lookout for last minute gifting ideas. Announce a Flash Sale, for specific hours. You need to be careful not to burn your pocket. Give a timeline to the customer 12PM – 5PM and slash prices by XX%. Such offers create an urgency in the mind of the customer and you get sales in a short period of time.

8. Diwali is all about sweets.

Even if your brand is not known for sweets, make sure you tap that market. Giving out free sweets as a complimentary product on the purchase of all your regular products is a good way to go.

9. Run contests for publicity

Set-up a contest such as tagging your restaurant or a hashtag, on Instagram for Diwali pics. It could work really well for dine-in restaurants and increase their footfall.

10. Bonus: Branding tip for restaurants this Diwali.

Make sure that you add a personal touch to the offer that you give out. Customize the coupon codes you give out to the names of your biggest customers this Diwali.

For example, “KARAN100” or “SHRUTI200”. This will make your customers feel special. And also has a chance of becoming a talking point. Virality anyone?

There you have it. Some offer ideas you can run this Diwali and boost sales.

Need last minute ideas and handy checklists for your restaurant this festive season? We have got everything from menu ideas, events, catering, packaging, and social media tactics ready for you as an instant download.


Souradeep Datta

Souradeep Datta

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