Restaurant Feedback: 7 reasons why you should be collecting it

To have a successful restaurant business, you have to keep your customers happy. Happy customers mean repeat visits and a healthy revenue stream for your restaurant. And collecting restaurant feedback from your customers is always a great idea to understand what keeps them happy.

Here are 7 reasons why you should consider collecting feedback if you aren’t already.

Happy customers at a restaurant

Good reviews, good business

Positive reviews help your brand create a niche for itself. When customers enjoy your restaurant’s services, they speak good about you and become your brand advocates. So each time you collect feedback from your customers, do seek their permission to post their feedback online

Online reputation management

As we know, people are increasingly going online to make restaurant choices. A lot of customers are discovering new restaurants via feedback on FB, Instagram and Yelp. Do provide your customers an opportunity to write about you on social and other online platforms. A good and healthy feedback history (available online) helps your restaurant solidify its name in the online space.

Tip: Want a smart way to deal with negative feedback? Use your own restaurant feedback tool to capture and arrest negative comments before they get public.

Understand what works for you

Many customers are more than happy to express what they liked and what they didn’t (about their latest restaurant outing). That allows you to understand what areas you need to focus more on going forward.

More menu ideas

Isn’t it often that customers tell you what they wished you had in your menu? Something they had in another restaurant offering the same cuisine? Well, this gives you an excellent opportunity to revise your menu and bring more ideas to the table (no puns intended).

restaurant menu ideas

Sentiment & data analytics

Collecting more data from customers on a frequent basis allows you to see how satisfied your customers are on a week on week basis. A sentiment analysis of your feedback data, helps you understand which pillars of your restaurant are functioning well. Maybe, the serving time is taking a hit, or the food isn’t up to the mark and so on. Manually understanding customer sentiment might be quite a task. So use tools that can simplify making sense out of tonnes of feedback data.

Customer involvement

When customers write about you, they feel more involved with your brand. These customers might return to you to see if you made those changes they recommended. Involve your customers and they would love it!

Social listening

Listening to what your customers are saying about you on social media further allows you to keep your customers engaged. Even after their restaurant experience. This helps increase the ‘life of the service’. Higher engagement also increases the likelihood of repeat visits and you get more business. So listen to your customers on social, be quick to respond to feedback. .

How to collect restaurant feedback effectively?

Post-meal feedback forms

It is common to serve a feedback form along with the receipt after customers pay. They should be pleasant forms, thanking them for their time and asking what they liked most about the service. But this an interruption to the guest’s experience and is generally met with a bit of reluctance. A good restaurant feedback system is interactive, easy to use, and is designed for the way people like to communicate today.   

Face to Face feedback

Waiters are the face of your restaurant. They interact with customers and play an important role in shaping the brand image of your restaurant in the guest’s mind. Encourage your waiters to get the customer’s feedback by asking 1 or 2 questions and recording them manually in the feedback tracking system of the restaurant.

restaurant feedback ideas

Email your customers

You may want to reach out to customers on email asking them for feedback, if you have access to the customer’s email in your system, a simple text mailer with a clear call to actions will work just fine. For delivery orders, simply attach your online feedback to the order confirmation message you already send.

Don’t miss out on SMS

Like email, SMS is an excellent way to connect with your customer. Leave catchy thank you messages, promote your upcoming events or special occasions and keep your brand abuzz in the minds of your customers!

Your customers will show you the way.

When you have multiple outlets with a lot of customers, getting an easy to manage restaurant feedback system may be all that you need. A system that helps you set-up feedback forms the way you want, collect data in one place, crunch the numbers and integrate with loyalty programs. LimeTray’s Restaurant Feedback System – Loop, allows you to do just that.

High performing restaurants understand the importance customer feedback plays in a successful business. They use well designed and non-intrusive feedback systems to understand what customers are saying about them. This helps them address concerns and stay on top of their customer’s needs.

We recommend you use feedback to its full potential as well and get closer to your customers.

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Aditya Sarkar

Aditya Sarkar

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