Starting an Online Grocery Store- Everything you should know

Groceries have largely relied on their at-the-store sales to grow their business. While customers were totally cool with walking that distance and buying their groceries at the shop a couple of years back, that trend is slowly changing now. In this article, we will walk you through how to go about setting up your very own online grocery store.

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Why is being online great for your grocery store?

Digital presence is very important for a grocery today. There are multiple reasons for this. 

Customers are now buying online.

Owing to the shift in trends of customer buying. Recent happening such as the coronavirus outbreak have made people largely depend on ‘buying online’. It is safer and convenient. Moreover, you have more options and you get delivery at the comfort of your home. 

Marketing made easy

you can promote and market easily. Groceries typically wish to attract customers residing in the nearby area. Modern day digital marketing allows you to take advantage of precise location based targeting. You can actually target down to the last mile. 

Online Branding 

With your online grocery store, you can communicate more effectively, message the way you want and brand yourself Every brand stands for something unique. A unique brand is more likely it is to attract people. So list down- what separates you from the rest., what is your story, what do you want customers to know about you.

Setting up your own online grocery store- how to go about it?

What are the components of an online ordering grocery store?

  1. Website
  2. App
  3. Order online platform
  4. Delivery personnel
  5. Order tracking and Analytics

Both the website and app should also have an order online platform where customers can make purchases.

Build your online order website and app

You need to invest in setting your website and your app. Jot down all the details- your storyline, your menu items, visuals and content. Hire a professional agency and have it made the way you want. Listing down the key components of your website and app here.

Components of An Excellent Website and App for your Grocery business

A website is the focal point of all your promotions and campaigns. If done right, a website can be a money making machine for your grocery store’s online revenues. 

While you realise the importance of having a website for your grocery, it’s essential to look at the various elements that can set it up for success.

Your Own Online Ordering Platform

online ordering platformFNV Farm’s online ordering platform powered by LimeTray

Your grocery’s online ordering platform, be it your website or app, is an opportunity for you to explain (to your customers) your brand, till the last detail. It is perhaps the first interaction people have with you online. Building a loyal customer base who order and repeat order from you is the secret to a strong business.

Eye-catchy Images

Great visuals are an excellent way of communicating with your customer. Fresh fruits and fresh vegetables make an excellent images We’ve seen big basket make use of excellent visuals to promote their goods. An order platform allows you to showcase your online order menu with tons of real images. It is all about the conversion rate. Good visuals pique the interest of your customers and make them more likely to place an order through your website.

Contactless Delivery

With growing awareness around social distancing, customers want to have the option of opting for contactless delivery. Today’s order online systems come with in-built contactless delivery options through which customers can choose to have their order placed in a safe spot, like a doorstep.

While placing the order, customers can add extra detail about how, when and where they want their order delivered. This further helps your customers to communicate more effectively with you 

A Menu that stands out

Your menu must always be updated and in order. Inventory counts and updates, drop location boundaries, operational timings etc. You can make use of food photos, top selling items, suggestions sections to increase order volume. You can extra features like contactless delivery, delivery time and more too! More about it here.

Image of a grocery store menu - online menu

Gateways for Painless Customer Checkout

A large number of people today prefer paying online. There are a large set of online payment options- credit/debit card, wallet, and UPI. Online food ordering systems come equipped with all the different payment methods thereby giving customers more choices.

After your Online Grocery Platform is ready, set up your order analytics and logistics.

Order Analytics

You should integrate your online order platform with analytics to get order statistics. Google Analytics is an excellent starting point and it has to be set up right (to track visits, conversions location wise customer splits and more). LimeTray’s Online Analytics tool gives you all the important statistics about your business.

Delivery Personnel

Lastly, Once you have your order platform ready replete with the menu, payment gateways, you need to also invest in delivery personnel. Depending upon the business load, you can hire 2-10 delivery personnel if you do not have them already. You can make them wear your brand gear to further brand yourself.

Brand Building- Give your online grocery business an excellent brand identity

From the branding point of view, your online ordering platform can help you really stand out from the crowd. There are tonnes of players out there and you really don’t want to be lost in the crowd.

What is the role of an online ordering platform in building your brand and how do you go about the whole branding process?

There are multiple parts of this question. Let’s take them all one by one.

Build a storyline

Do you have a compelling story? How did you come to become what you are? Customers love a story. Tell your customers how you started off, why you came into existence. Make sure that this story comes out clearly on your website, app and social media.

Be creative

How do you sell more? People like to buy value. Run offers, promotions, discounts just the way you like.

Give a Seasonal Touch

The equivalent to shelf space in offline stores is the top section of your website. The top section that becomes visible inside the first second of a customer’s website visit. Push the seasonal items to the more visible sections of your website and app. If it’s summers, you can promote cool fruits and beverages. If it’s winters, maybe something hot! Big Basket’s order online platform has a Summer Coolers as shown below.


Share your vital details

Your ordering platform is where all your essential information is on. The important points to include in your website and app are: 

  • An updated online ordering menu
  • Timings
  • New items
  • Customer Reviews

A base for your grocery’s CRM campaigns

Perhaps the best part of having your own order platform is you can run all the campaigns you want. Engaging your customer base is important to have them re-order from you. As part of your CRM campaigns, you can drive email marketing campaigns, SMS marketing campaigns –  the call to action button links will take them back to your website or can also make them download an app. 

Below are a few examples- 

  • 40% discounts for all orders placed through our app today. Download Now.
  • Wish to buy your groceries online? Check out the latest additions to our menu. Visit website now.

Once on the app or the website, customers are then free to navigate and check you out. Make their experience excellent by investing in good technology and UX for your order platform.

Search Engine Visibility

What if you ranked number 1 on Google on typing a query like buy groceries online. You could be guaranteed of large traffic from your relevant audience if you could rank for high value, high search keywords

Better the quality of your website pages, higher the customer time spent on your website, and better the usage of the right set of buy keywords and the search engines would reward you through superior ranking for the grocery keywords in your niche.

Power your grocery with a full-stack online ordering platform today!

An online ordering platform for your grocery store is a great way for you to build and strengthen your business. It connects you to your customers on search engines, social media and other sites. It creates a unique identity for you. It helps you diversify the sources of orders.

We hope you liked the read! Do let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

Aditya Sarkar

Aditya Sarkar

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