Stunning Restaurant Interior Designs based on Restaurant Types

Restaurant interior design means much more than you think it does. In a world that is moving faster than ever, people would give anything to experience interesting new things. Even better if it involves amazing food! Your restaurant’s goal should not just be limited to providing a thrilling culinary experience but also a great visual one.

Restaurateurs today are investing a huge chunk of their time in creating a restaurant space that attracts customers. Do you think your restaurant is serving the same purpose?

Let’s look at some restaurant interior designs that you can draw inspiration from.

1. Fine dining restaurant

Picture this, neatly ironed satin silk table covers, sparkling clean cutlery and crockery, amber lights and a person playing the piano. That’s exactly what an ideal fine dine looks like. The interiors are well-furnished along with expensive artwork that compliments the furniture.


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2. Casual Dining/Family Restaurant

The ambiance of casual restaurants is very lively. They are kid-friendly and have large seatings to accommodate families or other groups. The furniture includes long sofas and tables.


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3. Quick Service Restaurants

Busiest of all places, a typical Quick Service Restaurant is comparatively fast-paced.  The idea is to order and take-away. There are huge digital menu screens placed right over the counter. While some QSRs follow the concept of takeaway, others have a small space for customers to sit in and eat. In such cases, the furniture is mostly basic, keeping in mind that the customers are not going to stay for long. It’s brightly illuminated with loud music playing in the background.


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4. Bakeries

Bakeries have a very warm and homely atmosphere. They are visually even more appealing when baked goods are kept in the display freezers near the counter. Tiny tables and chairs are placed around these display counters. Bakeries are well lit with neutral color schemes and minimal artwork since they have colorful pies and layered pastries to attract the eyes of the customers.


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5. Cafes

Cafes are becoming increasingly popular today among the millennials. Interiors of a cafe are mostly dictated by the themes they follow. There’s a lot of quirky artwork involved with modern furnishing. Furniture, lighting, and music vary according to the concept that they follow.


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6. Nightclubs/Bars

Interiors of a nightclub revolve around the bar structure where bottles of fine whiskey, wine and more are lavishly displayed. Furniture is mostly limited to comfortable bar stools and a few tables. Low lights and loud music is the usual setting of nightclubs.


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How do you design a restaurant? 

Here are some ways you can ace the designing game of your restaurant.

Step 1-

Build according to your target audience. Make sure the idea behind your restaurant resonates with the kind of people you’re attracting. For example, if your goal is to reach out to the younger generation then you can be as creative and distinct with your ideas. Marketing to millennials is going to greatly contribute to your restaurant’s success.

Step 2-  

Hire a designer and construct a layout plan for your restaurant. Design your restaurant around a theme or concept. Keep in mind the latest trends and happenings and you can build your restaurant interiors around that. You can have creative wall arts or framed photos of famous movies and TV shows.

Step 3-

Focus on your entrance and build a seating plan. Your entrance should be something that arrests your customer’s eyes. Show a glimpse of your restaurant’s theme right at the entrance. Creating engaging sitting areas that are well equipped with comfortable chairs is a very important part of restaurant interior designs. Outdoor seating with a scenic view is something people look for after entering a restaurant.

Step 4-

Follow a color scheme for your restaurant interiors. If you’re a fine dining establishment you might want to look neat by using a uniform color with no or very little variation across the restaurant space. Studies suggest that colors greatly influence customer’s behavior. Therefore, using color psychology in your favor will boost your restaurant’s ROI.  

Step 5-

Light your restaurant well. Lighting plays a significant role in restaurant interiors. Having huge windows that allow natural light will help create a warm atmosphere at your restaurant. Use lamps and lights that highlight your restaurant’s interiors. For example, you could use funky neon lights if you’re a nightclub or tiny golden lights for a cafe.  

Step 6-

Furnishing and seating depend on the size of your restaurant. Use the restaurant space well. QSRs have less furniture as compared to fine dining or casual restaurants. An ideal restaurant consists of tables for 2, 4 and so on or has a uniform seating across the restaurant. The furniture in your restaurant should go with the color scheme you’re following.

Step 7-

Decorating your restaurant interiors with artwork, both old and new, is always a good idea. But make sure it matches the idea behind your restaurant. It shouldn’t look out of place. Use wall art, modern or contemporary paintings to beautify your interiors. Try using local art at your restaurant, it’ll give your restaurant a unique angle.

Step 8-

Go green by using budget-friendly plants. This will elevate your restaurant’s overall appeal. However, it is important that you take care of them. Another way your restaurant can become environment-friendly is by using recycled packaging material.

Step 9-

It is absolutely essential that your restaurant has a musical atmosphere. Create a mellow playlist if you’re a fine dining restaurant, groovy for a cafe, etc. This builds a comfortable and soothing atmosphere for people to relax and enjoy.

Step 10-

Make room for restaurant technology. Using a well-integrated POS system, Kitchen Display System and more is a part of restaurant interior designing. Using the latest technology for various operations will increase the efficiency of your restaurant.

Things you should keep in mind before hiring an interior designer for your restaurant

There are many things that you wish to show your customers through your restaurant. A restaurant interior design is going to assist you in executing that very vision of yours. Hence, it becomes very important that you hire someone who understands exactly how you want your restaurant to look like.

  1. Hire an experienced restaurant interior designer because whilst you may be looking for fresh ideas for your interiors, a person of experience will tell you what works better and what doesn’t in restaurants today.
  2. Discuss your budget and the time frame in which you want your restaurant up and running. Ask them what resources do they need so that once the work begins, there are no hassles. Mutually agree upon a deadline so that there is no scope of a delay from their end.
  3. Tell your designer what you have in mind even if it’s not a complete picture. Show them a few examples of restaurants you have visited or read about. This will help them design your restaurant’s layout. Don’t hesitate in rejecting any layout design that doesn’t match your preference.
  4. Put forward your preferences. These could be any specific color you want them to work on, design features that you’ve always pictured or specific furniture you want in your restaurant interiors. Select floor plans, artwork, furniture, color scheme.
  5. Keep yourself in the loop. Make sure you are aware of any developments in the process. Also, give your interior designers space to incorporate new ideas while designing your restaurant.

10 absolutely unique restaurant interior designs from around the world

  1. The Lion’s Share, San Diego
    Interesting paintings that showcase human figures with heads of various animals is the theme of this restaurant.
    The Lion's share restaurant interior design
  2. Ithaa Undersea Restaurant Rangali Island, Maldives
    This one of a kind undersea restaurant is located inside the Indian Ocean. Guests can enjoy a view of the aquatic life while dining here.


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  3. Le Bernardin, New York
    Known for its seafood, this restaurant in New York follows a contemporary interior design with a big painting in the center of the dining area.


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  4. Azurmendi, Spain
    This restaurant in Spain is located on a hill-top giving a beautiful view of the spur. Crisp white linen spread neatly on the tables gives it a very elegant look.


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  5. Joben Bistro, Cluj-Napoca, Romania
    This bar in Romania knows how to use dim neon lights and steampunk theme in their favor. The place is well decorated with mechanical gears.


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  6. Kjolle, Lima, Peru
    Following the minimalist concept with a grey color scheme, this quaint restaurant has wooden furniture. Various types of potted plants are placed near the tables.


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  7. Marion, Miami
    The roof of this cafe is partly covered with Bamboo shoots. Cane chairs and golden lights add to the beachy vibes.
    Marion Restaurant interior design

  8. Bar Palladio, Jaipur
    Located in the exquisite, Narain Niwas Palace of Jaipur, Bar Palladio has stunning painted walls. The entire place follows a uniform color scheme of blue and white giving it a vintage look.


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  9. The Press Club, Melbourne
    The stellar ceiling of this fine dining is magical to look at. Large oval structures giving a gorgeous amber light from the ceiling and semi-circular sofas are surely worth the visit.


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  10. Hueso Restaurant, Mexico
    A very unusual concept, this eatery in Mexico has animal bones and skulls, put across a completely whitewashed brick wall. Except for the furniture, the inside of this place is completely white.


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Captivating restaurant interior design will help increase your sales

Apart from food and other services, customers are very likely to come back to your restaurant if they enjoyed the interiors as well. And having repeat customers increases sales along with the credibility of your restaurant. Creative restaurant interior designs act as magnets. Your brand gets organically advertised by customers if your restaurant provides them with a fresh new experience. Social media and word of mouth will help your restaurant gain instant success. 

Happy designing

There is tough competition in the F&B industry today. The only way to attract and retain customers at your restaurant is by enhancing the overall experience. Having interesting restaurant designs will greatly help you achieve that.

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