Tips for Delivering Excellent Customer Service at Restaurants

As a restaurant, serving delicious meals should not be your only goal with customer service and experience being equally important for setting up a brand image and building a rapport. There is nothing worse than a disappointed customer and winning him back can become a hard task. Majority of customers avoid visiting and ordering from a restaurant due to a poor experience whether in terms of food or the services delivered.

To help you show your customers that you care for them, here are a few customer service tips –

1. Train your employees

Good customer service involves the entire staff of a restaurant. Train your employees in a way that they know what pleases your customer. Make it a rule to greet your customers and listen to what they have to say. Listening to the customer carefuly while he is placing the order and repeating it after he has finished placing it, can help you record orders correctly and indicate your customer that you are attentive and listening to them.

You can also ask questions about what your customer would like and can even give suggestions on what goes best with a specific dish or drink.Don’t make your customer wait. Make “speed of service” your goal and try to deliver the order within the stipulated time frame. Be informative and tell your customer if their order will take time.

2. Take your customer’s feedback

Avoiding errors is an objective of every restaurant and while you strive to deliver the best, there will still be chances for something to go wrong. In such cases, dealing with your customer’s problems and complaints immediately can help you repair the damage. Acknowledging your customer’s problem and apologizing is a way to let your customer know that you care. You should make sure that you stay calm while taking the complaint and don’t forget to ask what your customer would like.

There will be times when the customer would not get a chance to give his feedback and will end up reviewing the restaurant on Zomato, Tripadvisor, Google Play store, Facebook and Yelp, which can ultimately harm the brand image. Attending to your customer’s complaints or queries on such online platforms will not only build your rapport but will also expand your online presence. You can also have your own feedback system which can help you seek your customer’s opinions and resolve them even before they put a post on other platforms.

3. Technology Driven workflow

Glitches in your order management system like delayed delivery due to incorrect order punching can sometimes result in disappointed customers. Resolving the issues on the management level then becomes the main objective of every restaurant. An online ordering platform, for example, can not only help you deliver a personalized customer experience but also increase your customer loyalty.

In addition to this, using platforms like Merge can let you manage the orders you receive on your online ordering system and other third-party aggregators, through one single platform helping you increase your order preparation efficiency, which will reflect on your order delivery time.

4. Keep your customers entertained

Your customers desire to spend worthwhile and quality time with their friends and family when they are out for lunch or dinner. Arranging live music or karaoke nights for them can keep them entertained and bring their stress level down, which will, in turn, create a positive brand image of your restaurant. Don’t forget that, “quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten.”

5. Engage with your customers

Take your customer service a step ahead by engaging with your customers outside your restaurant’s establishment. Make your customer know that you remember them and would like to have them over again by sending them regular invites to restaurant’s events and sharing offers and discounts through messages.

You can also use loyalty system to engage with them by sharing reward points every time someone dines with you or orders food from your restaurant. Rewarding your customer for posting a good review can also build customer engagement and reflect on the positive side of your customer service.

6. Get active on social media

Engaging with customers on the internet by using social media will boost your engagement, further helping you in creating a stronger relationship with them. Replying to your customers’ comments, solving their queries, thanking them for their appreciation are some of the ways to connect and create engagement with your customers on the internet.

With customers demanding not just delicious food but also a commendable service, accommodating customer’s requests and finding a solution to their concerns is a key for delivering an excellent experience for every restaurant. While other restaurants might do the same things for their customers, you need to think about making your customer’s experience exceptional by making use of the right strategy.



Shreya is an explorer who loves to dive deep into the sea of innovations and products. She considers herself 'forever student', eager to learn and discover all that she can about food, cultures, and technology.