10 Must Have Bar POS Features For Higher Sales

Nightclubs and bars are extremely fast-paced. Nobody likes to walk into a bar that takes forever to serve them that one drink they’ve been longing for since the beginning of the week. Having a bar POS system that is compatible with certain features specific to a bar will help maintain a speedy flow of operations.

To make your bar ‘the most happening’ place in town you need to make sure that your bar has all the technology that helps them serve customers fast. This will not just put your bar staff at ease but will also help them prepare and serve drinks better.

What makes Bar POS systems different from other kinds of POS systems?

POS systems have similar features by and large. However, there are a few features that are specific to Bar POS systems based on common situations associated with bar operations.  

Bar POS features

10 unique features of a Bar POS

1. Prompt tab management and split check

Managing a bar isn’t all that easy. There’s a mad rush in bars always. The bar staff is always on their toes, making drinks and managing orders. With a bar POS system, multiple tabs can be managed or transferred all at once. If customers wish to split the check, bartenders can do so right at their tables without having to rush back to the main server.

2. Flexible menu management during happy hours & specials 

A bar’s menu changes constantly. The day’s special, happy hours, free drinks and more, can be easily regulated on the menu with a bar POS system. You don’t necessarily have to be physically present at the bar in order to make any new changes. Use your cloud POS to send intimation to your staff if you’ve added a new drink overnight.  

3. Customizable menu tailored to customer’s needs 

Yes, you serve that perfect Bourbon Punch at your bar. But there may be someone who likes a bit of lime. Some may not want mint leaves in their vodka. You should have a bar POS that automates orders and lets you make quick changes on orders.

Customizability in Bar POS system
Drinks can be prepared the way the customers want them.
4. A Mobile POS lets bartenders take quicker orders 

A handheld mobile POS system gives bartenders the liberty of moving around the bar and taking orders. This way they can equally divide their time between different tables. People wouldn’t have to necessarily go to the counter, place their orders and wait for their drinks. Order taking is naturally sped up with the use of a mobile bar POS system reducing the wait time to zero, encouraging customers to order more.  

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5. Data analytics and Sales reports 

Productivity can be increased if you regularly check your bar’s performance. Monitoring sales reports will help you analyze where you’re losing money. Keeping a track of every employee’s activities will help you manage their shifts and payroll activities. A bar POS system is going to take care of the above-mentioned things and make running a bar, fun.

6. Built-in CRM system 

There are so many options available today. You need to give your customers a good enough reason for spending their money at your nightclub and not switch to another bar. A bar POS helps you analyze customer feedback and boost your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Campaigns via text messages and emails. Send offers, birthday discounts and more, as a way of reaching out to your customers. The CRM tool on your Bar POS will help convert new customers into regular ones. 

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7. Inventory Management 

Managing bar stock can be very challenging. Especially those mid-night weekend rush hours. Running out of liquor during these times can be even more daunting. A bar Point of Sale System should assist you in effortlessly managing your bar inventory. Bar POS keeps tracks of liquor consumption and will inform you well in time about restocking and related purchases. Not just that, there will be minimum or no wastage at all.

Here’s how you can maintain a Par Inventory Sheet for your restaurant.

Liquor inventory becomes easier.
8. Credit and Debit Card Data 

Credit Card theft is increasing in bars and restaurants. According to an article in The Indian Express, a 25-year-old working as a waiter in a bar was arrested for copying card details of customers at the time of payment.

Bar POS systems have a pre-authorisation feature. It’s nothing but storing customer’s card information in a secure manner. It is smart enough to detect any stolen or fake credit/debit cards. Bartenders can quickly generate bills and receipts with registered cards. The customers also feel safe if their cards are swiped right in front of their eyes. And their card details are safely stored.

9. Bartender tips 

Your Bar POS system should be smart enough to generate tip percentages so that customers don’t have to awkward when it comes to tipping their servers. This also encourages qualified bartenders who put in a lot of effort in preparing each drink. Customers have the leverage of choosing from the suggested tip percentage that is calculated by the Bar POS system.

10. Theft control 

One of the greatest pluses of having a bar POS system is the real-time tracking of orders and purchases. Employee theft is particularly high in nightclubs because of sudden cash influx during rush hours. In such cases,  you will immediately know of any thefts or missing liquors. Cash drawer management in bar POS systems also allows tracking of individual cash drawers of each employee.

How will your Bar POS help increase your sales?

Your bar POS undeniably increases your bar’s efficiency and productivity.

  • Bar POS systems are easy to operate. Getting familiar with the different features and other operations won’t take a lot of time. Once they get the hang of it, servers can spend more time with the customers. By doing so, ‘guest experience’ is enhanced. This ensures repeat customers to your bar.
  • Since bar POS systems come with inventory management solutions, you’ll be notified if the bar is low on one particular kind of Beer or whiskey. You wouldn’t have to worry about any last minute purchases. Instead, you’ll cut down on your costs since your expenses will be organized.
  • Bar POS will help in creating a strong customer database. And the CRM tool on your bar POS will help you reach out to these customers via guest incentives. If you promote your brand timely and on a regular basis, you’ll get many repeat customers. According to marketing experts, acquiring new customers costs more than selling to already existing ones. And existing customers tend to spend more the next time they visit your bar.
  • Using a handheld bar POS system greatly reduces the time that was earlier wasted in going to the main server for punching in orders. With mobile Point Of Sale system, more drinks can be prepared and tables can be flipped faster. And before you know it, your sales will start skyrocketing.
Features of a Bar POS
Your drink’s ready!

You’re good to go once you are equipped with a bar Point Of Sale system that is well integrated with the features mentioned in this blog. A compliant bar POS system makes running a bar effortless and so much fun!


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