How to Register with Uber Eats – Everything You Should Consider

So you want to deliver using Uber Eats?  

After your restaurant is registered with Uber Eats, you can get your food delivered to your customers in no time.

In this blog, we’re going to cover the following things in detail:-

  1. Steps to register your restaurant with Uber Eats
  2. Licenses involved in the registration  
  3. Reasons behind the Uber Eats’ growth
  4. Advantages of registering with Uber Eats
  5. Drawbacks of registering with Uber Eats
  6. Alternatives to Uber Eats

So let’s get you on board!

How to register with Uber Eats?

Uber Eats registration for restaurants is not at all complicated.

Uber Eats has an interest form for all those looking to register with Uber Eats as either restaurant or delivery partners.

Before you begin with the entire process of registration with Uber Eats, make sure you have all the legal documents and licenses of your restaurant ready with you. You’ll be required to upload these during the later stages of the registration process.

1. Open Uber Eats on your browser and scroll to the end of the page. You’ll find a “Become a restaurant partner” link, click on it and it will direct you to a new page.

Uber Eats registration step 1

If your restaurant is based out of the US, then open this page.

Having trouble finding the link? Click here.

2. Once you’ve been redirected, the restaurant sign-up page will prompt you to fill in the basic details like:-
  • Restaurant Name
  • Restaurant Address
  • Your Name
  • Your role in the restaurant (Owner, General Manager, Chef, etc.)
  • Contact details – Phone number and email address
  • Restaurant Details – Number of locations, Type of Cuisine, Weekly orders and whether or not your restaurant staff delivers orders

Uber Eats registration step 2

3. After filling the details mentioned and shown above, click on “Submit” to get the process started.

Uber Eats registration step 3

4. Once you’ve filled in all the details, Uber Eats will get back to you after having reviewed your restaurant’s particulars.

Uber Eats registration step 4

If your restaurant fits their guidelines and is approved, they will contact you for continuing with your Uber Eats registration process. The following process includes submitting some more details specific to your restaurant.

Once completed, Uber Eats’ executives will assist you in reviewing your restaurant’s menu and prices. They also send representatives who will help you get familiar with the Uber Eats app.

What are the licenses required for Uber Eats registration in India?

Uber Eats does not partner with just any restaurant. Their registration process is elaborate. It involves thorough checking of all the information and documents provided by you.

In order to make the process smooth, make sure you have all the documents and licenses ready with you for a quick verification process during your registration with Uber Eats.

1. FSSAI License – The Food Safety and Standard Authority of India, provides a license that is mandatory for all restaurants. Having this license means your restaurant is compliant with the food safety standards of India. Each restaurant is given a unique FSSAI number.

2. Shop License – If you own a restaurant, this is another significant license that you must have. This further authenticates the presence of your restaurant.

Read here to know more about the 11 licenses you need for your restaurant.

3. Owner’s identification proof – As a restaurant owner, you must have all the necessary documents like your personal identification number. For India, you’d need a PAN card and an Aadhar card.

4. GST number – Each restaurant has a unique Goods and Service Tax number. The GST levied is different for different restaurants. Make sure you know what is the GST rate applicable for your restaurant and you’re good to go.

Why is Uber Eats in great demand?

Uber Eats contributed 13% of Uber’s revenue in two years. It’s gross booking reached $7.9 billion in 2018. Given that Uber is already well established in the market, investors are willing to invest their money in this new venture. Uber sees this as a great opportunity for growth and expansion.

The reason why Uber started this new venture in the food industry is because of the customers. Let’s look at some of the key reasons behind the success of Uber Eats.

1. The great smartphone shift

Recent years have witnessed a massive shift towards smartphones. Simply because of the level of convenience that it brings to customers. In addition to this, high-speed internet on their phones compels them to play with technology. This way a large number of people have access to online food delivery apps. People no longer want to go through the trouble of going out and eating. They’d rather order in after a long day at work. When you register with Uber Eats, you can make this possible for your restaurant’s customers.

2. They know exactly what and when to market

After registering with Uber Eats, you wouldn’t have to worry about marketing. Uber Eats use their own marketing and branding strategies. They market to the right audience, at the right time with the right content.


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3.  Plethora of options

Today, customers (especially the millennials) want as many options as possible. They not only want to try out new restaurants in their city but also want different options for types of cuisines. Tons of options satisfy their purpose of trying new things and Uber Eats provides them with that.

4. Smooth payment methods

Uber Eats is extremely flexible when it comes to ordering payments. Customers have the option of paying by cash, cards and other payment gateways available in their respective countries.

5. Great customer experience

Uber Eats offers a  great customer experience. Features like easy tracking, quick delivery, customer reviews, and more help in building faith in their customers. Their feedback will let you know exactly where to change your methods.

Why should you register your restaurant with Uber Eats?

1. It’s a growing business

According to, Jason Droege, Global Head of Uber Eats, told The Economic Times that India is the fastest growing market for Uber Eats in the world. The article also read that, by and large, it contributed 13% of Uber’s overall gross bookings from 10% in 2018. And as per Global Media reports, Uber Eats alone has a net worth of $20 billion.

Read the full article click here.

2. And a trusted brand

Uber is a well-established brand worldwide. Billions of people are associated with this brand via Uber’s ridesharing. Therefore, selling Uber Eats to already existing customers is relatively easier as the initial process of gaining a customer’s trust has already been done.  

3. It’s going to help you increase customers

The Uber Eats delivery app is going to help your restaurants reach a wider audience. You can make your brand reach out to more people through the marketing and promotional strategies adopted by Uber Eats. This way you’re restaurant will be able to target a new audience.

4. No more food delivery woes

By partnering with Uber Eats, you wouldn’t have to worry about delivering food to your customers. As mentioned earlier, just let them know if you have staff that delivers food or not, and they’ll handle the rest. They promise quick delivery. Customers can easily track their food once it’s out of your restaurant doors.

Don’t worry, your food is in safe Ubers.

5. Review and perform better

If you register with Uber Eats, you can see what people are saying about your brand. They have tools like customer feedback, dish ratings, and other data, that is going to help you in improving and improvising your restaurant’s performance. The app also helps customers with restaurant recommendations based on their favorite dish.

6. Easy menu updates

You can easily update your menu and it’s pricing directly on the Uber Eats app. Your customers will come to know about any new categories or additions to your restaurant’s menu.

What are the shortcomings of registering with Uber Eats?

Scientifically speaking, for each positive, there exists a negative.

1. Paying a service and activation fee

You will have to pay a commission on every order that a customer places with your restaurant. The service fee is added on the subtotal of each order. Given exceeding growth rate, online food aggregators tend to increase their commission rates after a while.

2. More competition

This battlefield has a lot of skilled players. There are many restaurants registered with Uber Eats thereby increasing your competition. And with so many options, customers tend to make their judgment based on price. It might get tricky to get your brand recognized in such a wide space.

3. Restricted space for new strategies

Uber Eats has a definite set of guidelines that your restaurant is bound to follow. Let’s say you come up with an out of the box plan for your restaurant. There’s a possibility that it may not be in accordance with the rules laid down by Uber Eats. This will, in a way, hinder your restaurant’s growth.

4. Tricky investment

There are many other well funded third-party food aggregators in the market today. The odds of getting good returns, in the long run, could be low. High commission rates and low profit on every order could also prove unhealthy for your restaurant.

Having said that, the popularity of an online food delivery platform like Uber Eats is unbeatable. The customers are more likely to order from your restaurant through Uber Eats than doing so otherwise.

Overcoming the shortcomings 

We have painted a fair enough picture in front of you listing down all the pros and cons of associating your brand with Uber Eats.

Still unable to reach a conclusion?

Let’s look at how can you overcome the shortcomings mentioned in the section above.

  1. Instead of having to register with Uber Eats, you could build your restaurant’s presence online yourself. Having an online food ordering system can immensely help your brand grow.  
  2. Having your restaurant’s own online website will help you build it from scratch, the way you want it to. You can add tabs and sections that are unique to your restaurant. Modification and regulation of different sections will also become fluid.
  3. Now that you have your own space online, you can advertise and market your brand the way you wanted to. No limited space for new ideas. You can be as exclusive and creative with this now that you’re not burdened with guidelines.
  4. You will no longer compete with other restaurants on the same platform. You can promote your restaurant through your own website. You will also cut down on the commission costs to these third-party food aggregators.

Your ride is complete!

We looked at the basics of how you can register with Uber Eats, what are the things you should keep in mind while getting your restaurant registered and all other things associated with it. Tying up with Uber Eats has its own benefits and drawbacks. You can only decide what’s best for your restaurant only after having analyzed both.  

While registering with Uber Eats may help you get traffic to your restaurant, having your own online ordering website will prove more beneficial. Eventually, it’s your call.

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How to Register with Uber Eats – Everything You Should Consider
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