7 Ways Your Restaurant POS System Can Help You Save Money

Software technology is always evolving, and the best part about the restaurant industry is how it adapts to these changes and makes the most of them.

Take the example of your restaurant POS system itself. Decades ago cash registers were fulfilling its purpose well, then came the first ever electronic point of sales system that could easily bill and get your orders to the kitchen.

Cut to present – with cloud tech, POS software has become much more than a billing system, it’s an all-in-one technology platform for your restaurant’s needs.

The Change Modern POS Brought to the Restaurant Industry

The high volume of orders that pass a restaurant every day make it an absolute necessity to have a POS system in place. A modern-day restaurant POS is an indispensable part of a holistic restaurant management system. How? It not only helps in optimising transactions and employee performance but also supports inventory management, customer engagement, and restaurant analytics.

All kinds of restaurants now rely on a POS because of the integrations and high level of automation that it provides. You must be wondering – all that’s fine but how can I save money through a Restaurant POS system?

We’ll dig a little deeper into that!

Here are some ways in which a restaurant POS helps in increasing productivity and in turn reducing costs at your restaurants.

Speeds Up the Serving Process

The last thing any restaurant wants to go through on a busy day is servers running around remembering multiple orders. Add to that any mistake in conveying those, and you’ve unhappy customers and unnecessary costs to bear.

Having a Restaurant POS system ensures your servers concentrate on the service and the orders also reach the tables timely. It also accelerates the process of accepting online orders coming from various platforms and processing them to the kitchens.

Supports Inventory Management

Keeping an eye on the inventory is a major function in the restaurant operations. If your POS system has an integrated inventory management system in place, it becomes super easy to track.
It helps to avoid over-buying or under-buying stock and also helps in making sure that the right ingredients are available at right outlets.

Want to master the art of restaurant inventory management? Here’s a resource for you.

Provides Centralised Information for All Outlets

When running multiple outlets, it’s very important to have a bigger picture of what’s going on in each one of them.

Is the outlet achieving sales targets? What are the discounts being provided that month? Which dishes are doing extremely well? Restaurant management has to keep a track of these and so many more questions.

restaurant data

Your cloud-based restaurant POS system helps you do the same. It simplifies the restaurant analytics processIt takes the guesswork out and gives you data to rely upon and make informed decisions from. These decisions not only help in saving money but also in utilising it in the right place.

Reduces Labour

POS reduces a lot of manual processes that earlier the restaurant employees had to perform. This not only created chaos but also increased the cost of human resource that a restaurant had to bear.

With POS taking over these processes, owners can save the extra costs from here and also keep a check on how the servers are handling the guests, how much time the order takes to process etc. ‘

Automation and Tracking

The best part about the restaurant POS system is the automation it provides to your restaurants. Imagine reducing every minute to and fro that your servers have to go through otherwise. Features like auto-accepting online orders and auto-updating menus is also something that saves both time and money for your restaurant.

Easy Taxation and Integrations

Your tax system and other deductibles can be easily integrated with your POS system which makes the calculations accurate and also saves you a ton of time. A good restaurant POS software also provides integrations with third-parties and your own CRM and loyalty programs to ensure that you’re not just serving the customer but also are prepared to maintain a relationship with them.

Catches Discrepancies or Theft

It’s not hidden that the restaurant industry is highly prone to theft and pilferage. A cloud-based restaurant POS stores and helps in analysing your restaurant data. It provides you with all the real-time sales and stock details. This facilitates recognising any discrepancies easily and rectifying them faster. It also helps in catching any theft or misuse of the inventory or cash by any employee.

Over to you

With the restaurant culture changing every year and the introduction of technologies like Apple/Samsung Pay, we’re going to see a lot of new innovation in the POS technology.

We’d love to know how are you using the POS system at your restaurant? What additions would you like to see in the future? Share in the comments!

Niharika Maggo

Niharika Maggo

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